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Right, I just thought I’d let everyone know, I am pretty much a fully fledged mobile dj/producer. I have a little suitcase that with a towel or two can house my laptop and dj controller. The Dj controller, a Numark Mixtrack Pro doubles up as a sound card and has two output sets of RCA, which means I can plug into someone elses speakers if I wanted. I recently have been interested in getting some dark psy on my hard drive to listen to, I have found some nice Frozen Ghost, Antagon and Audiopathik. I probably have more dark psy but that is just to ease your tastebuds into some dark psy.

My current setup is a little all over the place with my studio being abandoned until my PC returns in good working order. I am on my laptop with my KRK’s on standby when I need them in front room. Don’t think the neighbours like them, but tough they kept me awake all the time shouting in the bedroom underneath me, least I  should be able to play my music a little reasonable volume in the daytime. It may well be time for some shitty day time TV but I have been working and I am home, time for some proper tunage, not the shitty commercial catchy crap you get on radios at the workplace eh?!

So yeah, I also come across a weird thing today, I got to work looking like a Trendy, with smart jeans and shirt with possible jumper, then come back strip off the jumper and the jeans and look a right chav in my two striped no brand joggers and trendy shirt. Funny how with different clothes you can be seen as a totally different person ha…..

Anyway wanted to wrap up by pointing a few of you to my music I hope, I live in various profiles around the web. I keep these as upto date as i can do really. Sometimes they slack a bit but hopefully with the current contract almost over i’ll have more time to spare for my music soon.

soundcloud is mainly my latest mix place, as I am now upping my djing skills I like to get an updated mix on there as often as I can


One response

  1. JDevo

    thats some nice stuff man, good selection.
    The new audiopathik album is sick! i wish i could see them live someday

    January 20, 2011 at 5:16 am

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