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No Jobs? No Prospects?

I want to talk about the current situation todays youth are in, courtesy of the government and the systems in place. Also the attitudes of themselves, parents and people working for these systems. Just to give my opinions on the situation.

First of all, I was listening in to TalkSport Radio this morning, and Parry and Graham were discussing the same issue. Someone phoned in and explained a story about their own boy, that he was a good lad, left school and wanted to work, couldn’t get any benefits but due to the current situation struggled to get work. This is exactly what is wrong with today’s system. Too much money spent on systems to do nothing, like the job centre, rather than improving, business’ funding for employment,, training etc. Now don’t get me wrong I have seen the improvement with the Job Seekers team firsthand, I have been given one of their Future Jobs Fund Posts. Now this is proof that this is a good iniative and I have heard many stories that people have gone to further employment, some have secured it elsewhere but surely this valuable experience has helped them. Now I’m not entirely sure if I am right in thinking this but wasn’t this a labour initiative? So is this going to continue? I am from Kirklees, a council known for success with new schemes implemented by the government, but it’s not all great here either. The jobs I most see in Kirklees area, are care work, cleaning work, some chef work and maybe the odd bit of IT or experienced administrator work.

Now my situation is this, I am doing web design, I’m not brilliant, but I know my way round CSS and am using dreamweaver, although it is starting to show its not as good as i once thought. I have done administration and reception work voluntarily for 2 years. I have a BTEC in New Media and have a wide range of ICT Skills. However people can be picky these days, they can choose not to accept you because you don’t have experience, there was one job I was going to apply for, but I didn’t know the industry and it said must have experience in the industry. So how am I supposed to get that experience?

So here is what I propose. A law should be brought in that businesses cannot refuseto interview or give the job to someone under the age of 25 on grounds of lack of experience. A business must offer training or to give day release to study the extra skills required to develop. The government should support these businesses with some of the extra money they are gaining from all these silly taxes and cut down job centre staff’s chit chats and coffee breaks. I don’t know about anywhere else but I often see staff at my job centre sat at a desk or stood chatting or doing very little.

But back to the young lad from the talksport radio. He was 16 and well they can’t help him because some employers won’t accept under 18s. Now is this health and safety gone mad? People keep raving on about how young people are so bad, you know what fuck right off, there are a small section of young people who are just dossing about, i’ll admit for maybe a year of my four years out of work I was pissing it up the wall doing not a lot. However after that year, I was doing courses, trying to get a job, most young people do have a little gap where they do very little. Another thing all these older end or maybe even not so old but still of a different era folks who keep saying “in my day” etc etc, get a grip it is not your day, times have changed, note the changes, move with them. I appreciate everyone used to do stupid hours and menial jobs and work was the be all and end all of life, but its not like that anymore for most young people.

So with that said something needs to be done, we are being controlled to stop us developing, because this government or the last one won’t help our generation improve. Its all very well saying manual labour, there are tonnes of jobs in that career path but then why encourage university going and further education? How are people with degrees going to get jobs doing the jobs that they can use the degree in, but also I’m a musician and would love to further my skills there but have been told I have to pay for the first year myself, even though I won’t need one of the three years funding later on because it is a sandwich course, how can I fund the first year without a job and how can I go to university without that funding, its all a bit of a mess. Right so yeah rant over, any thoughts feel free to comment.


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