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Angry Punk Web Monkey

You tell me to design you a site

You tell me its fine, I’ve got it right

Then you offer me a cheque and take my address

But oh wait ……


You’re a liar, a freeloading, hypocritical liar!

You make out like you’re understanding and we can help each other out

When really you’re a LIAR!

You might be good at your job but you remind me of someone else

You just want a free ride

I can’t be bothered with you anymore

Fuck right off you fucking liar!


Thanks for reading, just had a little something on my chest as of being conned! For all you web monkeys with bad clients out there, who take the piss!



One response

  1. well done, it is good to let off something in your chest, all better after all…

    powerful writing..
    keep it up.

    March 4, 2011 at 3:08 pm

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