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Football Manager 2010 SS Lazio Season 2

SS Lazio Football Manager 2010

Manager: Fabio Newsemio(Me)

Season Summary 2010 2011

So in season 2 I was a little shakey, I did not think I would do well two seasons running, but here is a look at the top of the table to see how well I did 🙂

So I managed a consecutive Serie A title, I also won the italian super cup at the beginning of the season another back to back victory for me. I am pleased with my achievements at Lazio so far, I am building a young squad full of talent for the future and am confident I can challenge for the european glory soon. I am not so sure I will manage it in my third season but who knows.

Here is a look at my transfers for season 2

transfers  out, include pandev out on a free to liverpool

So if you look at the signings I have brought in, Pozzi and Rivas have been without a doubt two of my best buys. Pozzi providing a good return, Rivas being a sturdy centre back to help my backline both costing nothing in transfer fees. Rodwell, Gatagov, Verratti and Baccarin are all young starlets that I hope will help the team remain at the top of Serie A and maybe europe in years to come. I will however concede that Rodwell was a flop for the first season as he was injured for most of it. Baccarin has yet to make an impact along with Verratti, so we shall see how the signings fair over a few seasons.

With another Serie A title behind me, I was also linked with a job at Liverpool, I relished the prospect of being reunited with Pandev, however I could not leave my young guns at Lazio without a general to guide them, so I decided to remian with them. besides Liverpool would be much harder to gain glory with considering how well I am doing in Serie A, during my many games of football manager 2010 and before that I have struggled to conquer the premiership with anyone except Arsenal, with whom I won it 4 times before losing patience with lack of funds available and ability therefore to attract top talent.

So keep reading my blog and hopefully season 3 won’t be too far behind 😀



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