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Right guys,

I have previously worked with a few websites, for three companies and designed my own a few times too. Its something I have strongly considered going into as a career and am looking at developing my skills in this area. I have been designing a website for my local Royal Naval Association, as my dad has played a big part of their organisation, so I gained a bit of work for them. This will be unpaid as a favour to get me some experience and after my first client wasn’t very ethical, it will be my first full project I hope.

However, I decided to post because I saw an interesting link, after speaking to a web designer at a local production room session, he enlightened me on Liquid Web Design, I thought I’d look it up tonight and well I found this site……

Basically just thought I’d share it and well, these are my thoughts, the designer in question prefers the liquid style, I myself am a little concerned as to how easily it can work  for different sites, but his site, did look pretty impressive with the liquid design. Now I myself tend to go for a 800 width site, for optimised width on all resolutions to eliminate side scrolling, but be flexible on vertical scrolling although no scrolling is maybe user friendly, can restrict the amount of information on a given page. I think my very first site was an ICE site, where the page is very rigid fixed to one side. I could not see myself using this technique again but who knows.

I would love to hear of any thoughts, please feel free to check my website also




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