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Gentleman Rhymers – new flavour

Now friends gather round I’ve got a few things to say

About a new style I came across on youtube the other day

Two names first of all that epitimise the call

Of a gentleman rhymer, tea, history, warts and all

First a Mister B and then a Professor elemental

but maybe i should call myself Dr Argumental

Really though my name is Noroch

It is in one language the word white fire

So stand back don’t get burnt

By this passionate crier

I don’t leave you hanging wondering about the next line

You can often predict the forthcoming rhyme

Its not easy but soon you will get into my flow

Then you won’t need me to tell you how it goes!

So there just a little bit from me

About some chap hop chappies and their cups of tea

I am not getting their goat

I just want you to know that they float my boat

So check em out!

Search professor elemental and mr b gentleman rhymer on youtube!



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