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Activision SUCK! so does COD(not the gameplay something else)

Now I have noticed that youth of today seem to spend to much time on video games

COD seems to be their choice, some shout so much they even lose their voice

A question for me is do they really know what COD is doing to some other games they love

Do they know that cos of COD, True Crime hangs in the balance, no Hong Kong fuck the balance.

Yes that is the word from Activision, the company plugging COD like a god

When its just another mindless shooter called COD, yes named after a fish

and just like fish there is plenty of them, and their tiny and shit

No don’t get me wrong I used to play, a little now and again, I still would

But this game has now create a  stupid divide, where the COD geeks will play and casual gamers will hide

No lie, I have never been great at this game or most shootem ups but if I was on Halo 3 at least I wouldn’t completely suck

These people don’t like when a noob like me attacks from behind with a knife you see,

Yet its all right for them to snipe from a distance with their perfect vision, scope and co-ordination

Sorry COD fans it has to be said, this game needs the plague more than any I know, its boring getting old it has to go

Its ruining games because it takes all the money, am sorry but I want different games, like True Crime Hong Kong, Blur and Project Gotham, simply because i enjoy them, i’m not even a racing game fan but these were fun to play and true crime looked epic in an eastern land!

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