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My 1st Illuminaughty

Well I finally made it to Illuminaughty this weekend in a fashion! I was looking forward to seeing Eskimo and Void aka Megaband, listened to some of their respective solo projects at home before setting off in the car with a friend. We set off late, fashionably late hopefully, but when we got to manchester it was a nightmare trying to find somewhere to park, we found a little carpark, privately owned but the security showed up just as we were leaving and said hes locking up until 6am, which was no good for us, as my mate couldn’t drive back that late. We’d had fun nearly wrecking the car on the steep ramps and looking at all the broken into flash cars including some nice BMW. Feel sorry for the guys who coming back to that but hey not a secure place be looks of it. So we went to the NCP on Whitworth Street, not knowing how close it was to both the Ritz and Sound Control, I got in touch with one of the goblins to get me to the event, big ups to Roddish! He came to find us, and we got there around 12.30, was a relief to finally get there. I knew we were probably going around 3.30am so i thought id go find people, was great to see lots of the ravers from Remedy/Riff Raff scene, plus some faces I know from Cabbage or wherever.

A couple of things, I have never been to the old venues, but I have been told they were a lot bigger. I think this venue, Sound Control is a little small for the amount of people that were there. The main room apparently had a few holes in it, but I cannot say I found them, wasn’t really able to get forward really. I think the theory about Megaband and giving a £5 refund for next event was a nice gesture and can’t be helped sometimes, oh yeah news flash Megaband cancelled, heard rumours it was a visa issue, also heard they played london the night before but well only they know the truth for sure. I am not sure if I would go to a future illuminaughty, the event was good, the other two rooms didn’t get much of my attention, was nice to go chill down there sometimes. I think it needs to either be bigger with same amount of people, or have only two rooms, cutting  down the people, the main reason for this is the smoking area was rammed, the main floor was rammed too but I think that might have been because of Megaband playing(or not!)

All in all i enjoyed the night, parking was expensive at £7.50ish for 4 hours, but am sure there will be better options if you know manchester better. Recommend it to any train users, but not sure for me!

EMC Illuminaughty – 7th May 2011 awesome night, bit cramped



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  1. GriM

    Hey! Good to see you there even if it was brief!

    Was a major case of the unluckys Megaband dropping out at the last minute, I ,know pretty myself and pretty much everyone I went with, were like “MEGABAND” and didn’t read the rest of the flyer.

    I’d like to hope next time they’ve picked out a better location for sure, just a few steps past packed into sardine territory. I reckon sq. foot for sq foot the Ritz has more floorspace (hard to compare because its a drastically different layout [that and the level of intoxication!] just one big square with sort of a balcony on the second floor). When you start bringing in stairs and corridors esp. bottlenecks like that smoking area it all got a bit human cholesterol.

    I’ve not checked, but I gather its going to be a quite a while til the next one to work out the kinks. I’m wondering if its going to stay EMC now or whether this was a one off/ tester? The official website is still and all that.

    signing off..

    May 10, 2011 at 4:33 pm

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