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Nail Biting, Cheating Cherries couldn’t get the job done!

Right, I came up with countless headlines after watching Town vs Bournemouth in the second leg of the playoff semi finals, but my memory seems to have failed me for now so on with the blog……

Bournemouth were a suprise package for me, I have lost my touch with football over the years because money is not football and thats what the game is about these days, I don’t go down regularly but when offered the chance to go see Town in the playoffs I thought why not, should be good to get back to it.

Well, I rather enjoyed it, the atmosphere was electric, I have never heard the Town faithful so loud for so long in a match in ages. We were given some “Believe” fans to hold up and clap with they were louder than hands too! I was in the “Kilner Bank” end as I know it, where I used to sit when I was a season ticket holder with my dad. I have a few questions to ask of the town squad, but first what is it with referees and blindness? I am talking about the amount of diving from the Bournemouth players. Any physical contact and they were diving like they’d been struck by an anvil. I cannot be bothered with teams that don’t come to play football. Admittedly Bournemouth played well, I do not understand how dancing round the ball is football, its annoying when sides do that against your team. I hate the way they seemed to be getting all the decisions and dodging red cards all the way through the game. That aside the officials were clearly favouring Bournemouth and maybe scared to make any rash decisions for fear of the press, a common theory when watching the top four clubs play my other side Aston Villa.

So Town, why wasn’t anyone marking the wing players? Why did you consistently play long high balls, not only that but to empty spaces when clearly players could not reach it quick enough. Gary Roberts was outstanding and although Benni Afobe had a better game, I think players need to help him out a bit and get where he can feed them the ball. Town seemed slow to move off the ball, Peltier was good until he got injured and then it showed, he should have been brought off earlier I think. Town always do the hard way, as I was told in the Turnbridge Working Mens after the game. A couple of Bournemouth fans were walking back to town with us and said, “you’ll have to play football if you go up next year”. A valid point if you ask me, I caught Lee Bradbury’s little comment about Bournemouth playing good football at times and thought yeah we did the same but Lee Clark seems to think we played pretty well. I like Lee Clark though, he is a good manager and I think no matter what happens Lee Clark is the man for the job. His comments proved to me that he is a likeable manager and will do well given the right funds and time. He said town were prepared, I wasn’t too sure but better at penalties yes, wow is the word, I have never seen penalties from town go in so easily. I cannot believe how there weren’t any non scrappy goals really from town all set pieces or just scrappy. Well done to Kevin Kilbane for staying on the pitch and helping us through, I am told he should have been sent off, which to be honest is nothing compared to Bournemouths players, dirty, diving and cheating. Good football from them but we won in the end, they got hammered on penalties, the crowds chants of “There’s only one Ian Bennett!” were great to hear although  I will always wonder if Smithies was in goal would we have needed penalties???

All the best to the club for the future, see you at Old Trafford hopefully. Come on Town, lets av it!!



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