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August 13th, fancy something different?

Hey guys, fancy something different? A good up and coming electronic night in Leeds is putting on a special night for all to enjoy!

This night is a small but growing night, hell bent on breaking the electronic music boundaries in every possible way. The night includes a production room, with  Fractal Injection heading it up, I myself am in there regularly too, its just a fun place to be. Remedy is going places, don’t you want to be on board for the ride? With great up and coming acts like Atomgrinder, Psy-Chi and Psycandy Remedy is sure to be a night to remember.

The latest event is here on facebook

Remedy also sports a new Acoustic Area, outside where Roo Weaver along with Pete McDonald will be taking the reigns. Open Mic kicking of this next event in august. People from all over come to Remedy, just last time I was talking to someone from Lithuana and I’m pretty sure we had a DJ/Act from Holland and there is a little about something to do with mexico on the event page. Really this is the place to be on August 13th kick off at 9pm right through the night til early hours, just in time for trains home, travel and more details are on the event page.

I hope to see some new faces in the production room and on the dance floor! See ya there,



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