Allsorts of Stuff

Inside They Flee

I have narrowed them down to as few as is true

Taken people once great and made them small to me

I have lost some of the best but for a good cause, my cause

I have tried to keep face when things look bleak and not show what goes on inside


There is a girl thousands of miles away, she doesn’t run

She is there on the outside looking in hoping to join me someday closer inside

There is a girl in the very centre

So afraid, so hurt, that I am holding a light for hoping she will be safe


There are people all around inside

They are expecting and fleeing

Leaving me in the middle

They don’t mean to but they don’t know how I feel


Am I wrong to expect them to understand that this is just me

Inside, watching them all flee

Some will stick around the centre, a core

A core of comfort, because they know, probably even more than I do, who I am


I want to fix this, I want to fix me, I want to help her fix it

But I cannot, I don’t know how except music.

Music I do know, so lets hope music can fix it for me.


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