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Life without Ableton

Right guys, I don’t know how long I have been without ableton, maybe a couple of months now? Well its so annoying, I’ve been working with reason, going back to where I started and I just look at it, thinking meh I don’t like it. A friend said the automation isn’t that hard to get used to and its not so big of an issue, but I just can’t seem to go back to Reason. I think its the fact I just prefer the interface of Ableton, its so much more user friendly, its a little more options to it too. The automation isn’t the difference as such that makes me struggle, getting a full track down, its the fact that I know Ableton got it right and I don’t have to split the program up into two windows for it to work how I want. Don’t get me wrong I love reason in its own way, the sounds you can achieve, for instance with Thor and Malstrom are amazing, take for instance the track I’ve been working on in reason recently is a Gabber track. A friend of mine known as Gabber Mouth sorted out a Malstrom patch for a gabber kick, think he followed tutorials online, then I sort of fiddled with it and created this tweaked kick patch for my track, built a hardstyle bass sound in thor and then added some percussion and what have ya into the track did a long loop, doubled it up and now I’m trying to make the track 5 minutes long. Having only 40secs that loops twice then this new bit with a lead, I think it might take a while, see how far I get. So yeah basically been struggling on with reason. It’s been a good experience but I really want Ableton back. Decided I want to buy it to avoid these problems forever but money not willing yet, am waiting to get my pc up and running with all my drivers etc, then onwards to glorius ableton days!

Life has been pretty weird lately, a good friend came back into my life, but not as deep as before, it is nice to know they are around. A girl I feel a lot of chemistry with is bringing the sparks back, which is a mixed bag really, it’s good but the uncertainty of it all is a bit tiring. Feeling like you have missed the bus, but its come back round, only its not too sure whether to let you on. Friends are seeming to expect more from me, feeling like I’m letting them down but I don’t feel like changing it. I don’t know whats going on with the jobfront, wish people would expect less in these climates. Website coming along nicely for the Huddersfield RNA, waiting a response from the hosting provider on Nameservers for my REG123 domain name.

So life is pretty limbo like at the moment, my flat is probably a little worse for wear, still got lots of skirting board etc to sand down. Onwards though, it is good to get it all down on here, thanks for reading.



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