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Another late night musings

Another night where I am up stupidly late, I hate this habit, well when its for not good reasons, I’ve gone through gaming night, ended at midnight when everyone had left then pottered about, done some reading, texted a friend and its now 3.30am roughly, I’m typing away trying to get my brain to offload all its thinking about to my blog, I suppose today hasn’t been too bad, even though I was threatened, been thinking too much, I did suprisingly well on COD MW2, I’m getting better and hopefully the voucher for a free lovefilm trial and £20 amazon voucher will come good and I can buy it to improve my skills further. I still like halo reach, but COD maps are just a little better in some way, maybe it’s the reality side to them.

I’ve even started a new track in reason and uploaded a work in progress of the gabber track I’ve been tweaking for a while onto my soundcloud. I’ve done a little vacuuming, but really the flat still a mess and i should try crack on with it a bit more tomorrow. I’m still pretty low all in all, the rejection and headfuck from last week still getting to me, a good friend is really helping even from the other end of the UK, just a shame certain people haven’t done the same, all things considered though you have to keep positive, no matter how bleak the present is and the future looks, always think it will get better and keep plodding on with hope!

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