Allsorts of Stuff

Rap – inspired by “Silva”

Yo man ther aint no need for this beef

You know I aint been calling you know theif

We went through this before and an I told ya the score

Ya aint my favourite person but I aint calling ya a thief


I said I wouldn’t live with you

Don’t particularly like the crowd you hang with

Don’t like the way you’re up there thinking you’re king of the castle

When the real thing is you’re probably low


Listen I won’t tell noone

Thats your shit to deal with

But don’t take it out on my mates, make them suffer for it, you dig?

Once I had a mountain of respect for you

But you threw it all away with that attitude


So I thought I’d put it like this so you’d understand this

People who don’t like me or the way I am, can come tell me

I’ll gladly keep my distance if they ask me but I aint having other people do it for them

I ain’t scary, I don’t frighten anyone so why can’t they just talk to me


I don’t respond to threats, idle or intentional they ain’t making me move

I’ll just get down with the groove and make some tunes


Now I hope you understand this aint to wind anyone up

But there is truth inside

But the next lines a lie

You can kiss my behind!




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