Allsorts of Stuff

Help is so far away

Lost in my own world, while people decide my fate, drifting along with no life with the cause of my pain unknown.

I often wonder what I’m going to do as I ponder life’s cruel breeze, brushing me to one side without a care for where I want to go

I am not alone in this world, but I feel it sometimes, people who loved me grow to hate me, whether through selfish decisions or projected evils I am but a shell of my former self

Help is far away from me, I feel it calling but cannot answer, my will is not strong enough to carry me there, my life is not a crime but it is made out to be.

I feel in a constant battle with the world I live in to keep my head afloat, like I’m struggling at the learner’s swimming pool

I can’t survive forever like this something has to change, something has to give, my body cannot hit the floor!


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