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Back n Ready (I Hope)

Hi guys,

I’m back from a wicked trip with my folks to france, we went to visit some friends in a little place called Beaucaire, it was in a leaflet we picked up at Nimes Airport too, nice eh! Well we got to travel down to Montpellier for a day, in the baking heat it wasn’t ideal but still interesting to look at the french city, made a change from living in the biggest town in england and spending most of my holidays in beach resorts with a pool. That was one thing I missed with this holiday, no pool, the river wasn’t one for swimming in and the weather was way too hot for my liking without the aid of a pool really but I got by. I spent my time reading “I am Number Four” and our friends’ brother said I should check out the film as he really enjoyed it. Just in case you were wondering I did and again as always I prefer the book, but the film was good, too different to the book to compare properly, so if you’ve read the book don’t expect the film to follow the whole of the plot or to have the detail spot on. Now I wasn’t disappointed on the food front in France, we shopped at both Lidl and Carrefour, plenty of good food and drink, the staff in the supermarkets seem a bit useless compared to in england but I can’t complain, I didn’t deal with them and I don’t speak french. I was treat to a lovely meal in a local restaurant named the sun I think obviously in french but I cannot remember the exact wording, I had Rabbit pate and a creamy pasta dish I forget the name of. Another highlight was spending time with our friends’ two dogs, two little westie’s, Jacque had a turn for the worst hes the older one and was very scared one night, it took him a while to recover and I hope he is still doing fine as he was when we left. Jill is the younger one, fussier and more playful, she likes a lot of attention and both of them have their claim to fame by appearing on a card that our friends bought, amazing stuff, the picture below is me with them and my fan I’m waiting to come over soon in background.  I’m back in england for 2 weeks now and I have seen one of my best friends for the first time in ages, we partied, chilled and well it was good, I know it won’t be for the last time either! I have ableton working on laptop and pc and with gladiator am raring to get back into the new tutorials I can come up with to help young producers get out there and myself of course!

me and two dogs on boat

me, two dogs and my fan

I’m hoping this means I’m back, I miss tutorial blogging, I hope I can keep motivated now that I have the tools!

Keep reading,




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