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FM 2011 – Halifax Town

Hi guys thought I’d show you a little of my Football Manager game with Halifax Town. I have moved them into the BetSquare North division and intend on trying to work them up as high as I can for a laugh 🙂


Halifax Town FC – Tommy Newsome

Interestingly enough, I entered a likeness of myself into the side using the editor and this had to be carefully considered as if too skilled I would be too good for the Halifax team and sold, but unskilled I would probably not last long at the club or help it achieve its goals. I was entered in as Pixc and main position would be a right winger of sorts.

My first month in charge saw me win manager of the month and my captain Mark Bower won player of the month. 2 points only were dropped in total in the opening game of the season against Hyde. I brought in some players to strengthen the squad, a nigerian midfielder who has slotted in nicely already providing a goal playing as defensive midfielder.  I also brought in a striker called Andrew Culshaw who was impressive in pre season.

My advice from what I have learned to anyone going into a lower league club is look at ur wage budget, dont use any transfer budget on signing, get freebies and move the wage budget up unless u cnt afford, I got myself a few good players and am able to afford their wages with a little adjustment, no transfer fees needed apart from signing on fees.


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