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IBS – how to get oats into my diet??

Hey guys,

I wanted to put a blog out there about my IBS, a blanket my doctor put over me to characterize the pain, bloating and spasms I had a while back intermittently. So yeah I have since been to see a dietician as I wanted to discover what foods might help and what foods are not helping. I have realised that high amounts of cheese may be a bad idea for me, after a healthy dose of pasta bake if it contains lots of cheese I usually end up feeling ill. Either it is the cheese or the amount I eat or maybe the speed at which I ram it down, who knows.

Well my dietician told me she would recommend a few things; drink more water, try eating some pro-biotic yoghurts not pre, eat more oats or supplements of linseeds (my mum almost puked at the thought of that), also eat more fruit and vegetables and try and cut out processed foods. Yoghurts is an easy one, given the money I’d love to eat more yoghurts and am enjoying the Biopot’s from Onken, usually with some raspberries or strawberries, maybe a banana when the others go out of season but fruit is expensive sometimes, corporations don’t like you to stop eating their fatty “lazy attitude” inducing foods. Then it comes down to cereal, I love weetabix, so I thought I’d give oatabix a try, big mistake, its ok cold but its missing flavour, I don’t want to add sugar, so I warmed it, eww it soaks all the milk up and goes a little claggy, kind of like peanut butter. So I’m left with a dilemma, oats is something I like, particularly in flapjacks, but the best more healthy varieties seem to be a tad expensive so I’m stuck again. Any suggestions as far as oats goes would be much appreciated, I have a Tesco near by so thats my main shop. The increase in fluids should be a simple task, however I must admit I find it is something I just forget about a lot. I started getting apple juice, so I can have a glass every morning, or when I wake up, I think this will add to my fruit and vegetable intake slightly and its healthier and tastier than coffee or tea. Although saying that I was recommended to buy some green tea, proper stuff not the cheap stuff from Tesco, so I might look into the Ding Dong Supermarket down bottom of town someday.

I had started having cucumber and mixed peppers in my sandwiches for lunch but I found no half size cucumbers in Tesco when I went shopping the other day, so left without. I quite liked the healthier meaty sandwiches I was having thanks to my new love of peppers and a continued affection for cucumber. I would love to be able to afford the better slices of meat that are not processed but when you can get a hell of a lot more for your money in processed wafer thin ham or chicken, you have little money to spend its no wonder people are buying processed. So yeah usually processed meats. My diet when it comes to evenings meals is rather sketchy, I rarely have vegetables, because firstly, I cannot be bothered to spend time  to cook a meal, I generally eat frozen foods and add some baked beans n sausages. I go to my parents once a week for an evening meal in which usually vegetables is guaranteed, sometimes my mum plates me leftovers of the like up for me to take home or maybe has some extra vegetables done up for me. I also sometimes go there for sunday dinner with all the trimmings, which will give me more vegetables.

All in all I ain’t at the bottom of the scale, I try to eat fruit and vegetables, my lack of them is not because I don’t like them, it is simply a no time and no money attitude, if the government and health professions want us to eat healthier, make these options cheaper. I think I do a lot better than some guys my age though. I try not to eat a lot of takeaway food, I look for new recipes for my parents to try on me and see if I like them hoping I will get inspired to do them at home, but no luck so far. I had a wonderful Spag Bol at my friend’s knock off fresh mince meat and tinned tomatoes, with onions and a little sprinkle of parmesan on top of a bed of pasta, was yummy!

So any suggestions with the oats? Any really cheap simple ideas for getting me to incorporate more vegetables into my diet? I thought about mixed peppers in a bolognese sauce for a variation on spag bol, there are a few fruit n vegetables I avoid if I can too…..

Peas, Celery, Peaches, Apricots, Broad Beans and maybe a few more but I’d have to try some of them to prove it I think. I’ve been turned to like a few most don’t, so who knows maybe I’ll like more than I think yet!

Thanks for reading,



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