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The Sims 3 – My thoughts so far

Right guys,

I may not have mentioned this before but I am an avid simmer, well I was for a long time and now I’m getting back into it with sims 3. Now I loved sims 1 and for a time I loved sims 2, but Sims 3 although I still loved it at first is irking me somewhat. So I thought I’d put my thoughts on here for people to read, see if people agree, see if it can help people who are undecided on sims 3 and just general voice my concerns about the Sims 3.


First lets talk about the good things this game has shown me. A lot of the simple things Sims games offer are overlooked in my opinion, after a few glitches they fixed the time bug and got our speeds working correctly. The game is still fundamentally build, buy and live mode, a system that works. The diagonal placing of many objects is a feature I love, I found out that it is also tweakable to make for even more freedom with placing objects aorund the house.

The open neighbourhood is a big feature for the sims 3, it has its positives, this is the way forward for the sims, so I’m glad they implemented this. I will revisit this feature in the bad points aswell so be sure to look out for that.

Curved pools is a brilliant feature in sims 3, you can really get creative with this and the other build tools in the game. I have just recently found out how to have diagonal foundations, it was so obvious I’m surprised I missed it. So yeah foundations for your houses, to build theme on up a little bit. The game also does have spiral staircases, I’m not sure if this was in the game at first but it is possible now. Half walls, modifying your own roofs, height and flat roofs too.


I know there ain’t many good points there but I find it harder to talk about the good points of The Sims 3 as I loved the first 2 and this is missing a lot of key features and although they are not essential, I’d like to delve into them a bit.

Sims 3 does not have a working pool/snooker/billiard table, I know some people argue over what this should be, but I think all three have their place in sims 3, The Sims, has a lot of fans all over the world and, catering just to an american audience would not be right, so Snooker tables should be in there. I’m not sure if a dart board makes an appearance in an expansion pack though, I have only got Ambitions expansion pack so far.

The careers available are great, don’t get me wrong, good choices, but they come complete with rabbit hole issues. Most of the careers will not allow you to see what is going on while your sim is at work. I can understand why have done this but I feel it still is a mark down for them, Urbz had it, why not the main sims game? I know america doesn’t have a system like in the UK but maybe a benefit system for the unemployed with a signing on and looking for work place would be fun. I’m not sure about that last idea but it came into my head so feel free to tell me how wrong I am, I just thought the idea of getting a little handout would mean less of the “Motherlode” and “Kaching” ing going on.

Back to the neighbourhood idea. This is the way forward no doubt, but it hasn’t been done very well in my opinion. I’ve already mentioned the rabbit holes, but this goes a little further, the neighbourhood has placeholders for lots, they cannot be changed in the sims game windows, although now a tool exists that you can customize neighbourhoods and such like, however it is complicated and I feel a built in editor that works like the old sims games would be better.

The main bad point is the emotion and interaction with you the simmer, they don’t get really upset, it doesn’t show, the words say it but the actions don’t. The sims don’t look up at you when their bladder need is through the roof, they look at you at all. I have seen a lot of people online stating this as a bad thing, I agree. It is also added to by the missing psychologist that comes to town when your sims had breakdowns in previous games.



I’ve cut it short and would like to summarise, Sims 3 is a great game, lots of people still prefer sims 2, I’m still wondering what to do but as I no longer have sims 2 I would probably just stick it out, I am not as into sims 3 as I was either of the previous versions. It has some stupid errors in judgement on what people want in the game, it is missing some things and some things do get resolved but really Sims 2 is a little bit better in a lot of ways. Give it a go by all means but I wouldn’t be suprised if you are disappointed, it isn’t as fun as it used to be, thats for sure!



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