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The Saboteur (PS3) – My Thoughts

Right, well my friend recently rented The Saboteur from love film, I wanted to give it a go and he had a free trial, so we put it on his list, I wasn’t sure what to expect, had never seen anything about it online, just never took my fancy before, so as you will find out I am pleasantly surprised.

Please before I go on selling this game to you, I am only 22% complete at the moment and I only play on casual as I am not a hardcore challenge required gamer, so please take that into consideration. I have looked it up online since playing and noticed reviews seemed either 3/5 or 5/5, so possibly they think its average or excellent. IGN rated it 6.2 I just went and checked and will continue this in a few minutes . . . .  there is the IGN review, my thoughts on this are simple, IGN are commenting on everything but the fun factor, their review is bringing up valid points, the game isn’t as polished as one might have liked, I understand why they don’t like it but I hope it wouldn’t put people off. They don’t seem to think it offers much in the way of fun, but I disagree.

While I am not a hardcore gamer, I think if I find a game fun, then it’s probably worth a look. I would compare this game to Just Cause 2, Saints Row and possibly for some bad reasons Gears Of War. Personally I played the first gears game and noted that the physics just weren’t for me and the shooting from cover aspect annoyed me a lot, I think this game does need a lot of work in that area too, I do feel cover and shooting from cover doesn’t work, I spent a lot of time getting frustrated wondering where crouch was only to find there isn’t crouch, it happens when it feels like it or not. Now I hate being negative about this game, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying playing the game, yes at times it is a little frustrating and the don’t handle like Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto IV(incidentally I don’t like Grand Theft Auto at all especially the car physics) but it is fun to play. IGN talk about the stealth mode being a bit sketchy and I can honestly see why, yes going in gung ho noisily seems to be the best option most times and its sucks the stealth mode doesn’t work better. One thing that bugged me that IGN don’t really mention much is the Nazi Uniforms you get to wear, they don’t really disguise you if your up close, now if this was Allo Allo, incidentally one of my favourite comedies, it would work, even if it sucked, this is a game lets just have a little fun eh?

So the positives, IGN hates the quirky humour in this game, the way they word things makes me think the guy is either a so called hardcore gamer, an oldish bloke or a woman, put plainly, if it ain’t your type of humour then don’t drag it down. I like the irish accent, the game is actually based on a true story I believe on a war hero, but the real name wasn’t used probably due to copyright or something. The slightly smutty content is alright with me, I don’t get all serious about games, I play them for fun and for me the humour and smutty bits add to that. I really love the idea of the heavily Nazi occupied areas being in black and white, but the high resistance areas will regain colour as you progress through the game. The intro kept me hooked all the way through it and I think the story is one that I like, I feel  could follow this story till the end, the only game I have managed that with til now however is Bioshock.

Back to the gameplay, the game has a strong leaning towards rooftop climbing, you might have to use these areas as vantage points for sniper shots or to watch for a particular event down below. Its not perfect but its still fun, the visual aspect of the game helps with this and maybe the novelty only so far in is yet to wear off but I’m liking it. The missions seem to be as good as any other open world game, one I played earlier I had to go in and destroy a base and a few Zeppelin’s, I was expecting a more stealthy approach to be needed but as I mentioned earlier its very difficult to do a stealthy approach. You have to drive people around sometimes, you have to kill certain targets, its pretty standard stuff.

First impressions on this game then, well worth a look, its something I’d love to see done again and maybe tweaked if possible, its fun to play, if you’re unsure rent it or borrow it from a friend, but its relatively cheap on amazon and online anyway, at £10 maybe even less its definitely worth a look. Interestingly enough I just checked back on the IGN review and noticed everyone seems to disagree with the IGN review, so please feel free to comment on mine 🙂

RATING 8.5/10

Thanks for reading,




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