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Tesco Value – My Arse!

Right I was in Tesco’s again today, I shop there as it is nearest my flat except the expensive in the most part Co-Operative Food. I had noticed that prices of everything were going up a lot since I moved out 3 years ago, but today I just decided enough is enough its time to blog about this increase.

The item in question was frozen value fishcakes, 10 small fishcakes frozen in a bag, they are nice admittedly, but what adds to that is the fact that they were around 75p for a bag. WERE being the key word there, now the same bag, no changes made to it what so ever, no offer was on this bag, it was simply at that price, it is now 99p. I know that Tesco are a big corporate supermarket and competing with ASDA and Morrisons etc, but seriously, 20p increase?? why?? what difference would it make to a big corporate company like Tesco if a debt ridden society was able to eat some cheap fishcakes for 20p less??

All I ask is that there are cheap options, Tesco Value range continues to rise in price all the time, it was once 26p for a pack of chocolate bourbon biscuits, now it is at least 40p more than likely more, this is wrong! They are moving their superstore and making it bigger in my town, destroying a whole community in the process, but that proves they are making enough profit, so why can’t the customers benefit?

I don’t care how big the store is, I just want the food at a cheap price, I want good quality and I want the stock to last, I recently bought some peppers from Tesco, mixed bell peppers, they were wrinkly and a little dull, compared to the ones from LIDL which cost half the price and were a lot better looking and tasting. LIDL is a little harder for me to get to but if Tesco continue to fail on so many different levels, I would probably take my chances. Frozen food from Farmfoods has always been cheaper, but for some reason they seem to have cottoned on to charging more and you are now forced to buy 2 even if you only want one because its value like that 😦

Tesco’s is really winding me up, they should form a tag team with the bankers and call themselves the con artists!


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  1. Debbie

    I am very sorry for your troubles and the inconveniences in life. I hope things change for the better for you.

    October 21, 2011 at 4:32 pm

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