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A new Wrestling Federation – Noroch Wrestling FederationJR

A new federation is about to be born……Noroch aka Tommy Newsome has setup a federation, the idea of this federation is to write wrestling storied stuff on this section of my blog, using wwe/wwf/wcw/tna etc superstars, with the help of not only my EWR wrestling simulator, but the readers and my own wrestling experiences from watching it on tv.

This first post is just to get the ball rolling, I take the versions of the superstars at the time I remember them best or from my EWR timeline. This will not be affiliated with any of the wrestling federations past and present or even future, I am not going to take any credit for personas used, however I will maybe make tweaks and that is my creative right as this is for fun not gain and to explore my creative skills with blogging. Any images I might use, I hope will be known as non profit making and hopefully won’t incur any annoying problems throughout, so on with the blog!


Noroch Wrestling Federation (known as NWF hereafter) owner Tommy Newsome, walked out to the ring, to the theme tune ……….. the crowd cheered, Tommy announced this new era for wrestling would bring the ultimate in sports entertainment and wrestling. He had been scouring the world for the greatest talent of all time. He had booked a legendary main event, a fatal four way elimination match for the NWF World Title. He had even secured a special guest referee, The Rock’s music hits and The Rock greets the crowd “Finally, The Rock has come back to Manchester…” He talked about how the NWF was going to impress the wrestling world and he wanted to be the one to count the first ever NWF World Champion. Then the two left the ring.

1st match

Steve Blackman vs Hardcore Holly vs Rhyno vs Raven  for the NWF Hardcore Title. Announcers Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross on commentary .. . . . .

Lawler : Well JR this takes you back doesn’t it?

JR : Sure does King, four of the toughest son bitches in hardcore wrestling compete to crown our very first NWF hardcore champion

Lawler: Well here they go, Blackman is really get the edge on Raven, a great suplex there.

JR : Yes but wait, Holly and Rhyno exchanging blows on the outside, already its left the ring

Lawler: Hang on Raven has a steel chair, oh but he missed, Blackman ducked it and woah kicks it straight back into Raven’s face

JR : Blackman sees Holly with the cover on Rhyno and breaks it up, after the two count

Lawler: Now Holly and Blackman are going at it, Holly throws Blackman into the barricade

JR: Blackman looks a bit worse for wear after that exchange, Rhyno has seized this opportunity to sneak in the ring

Lawler: Yeah  with a trashcan, He’s setting Raven up here, DDT right into the trashcan, gotta hurt!

JR: Close call for Raven only a two count. Meanwhile Holly has  suplexed Blackman onto the floor

Lawler: Rhyno is sizing Raven up .. … Gore! Gore! Gore!

JR: 1, 2 ….. 3, Rhyno is our first ever NWF Hardcore Champion


Backstage JBL and Bossman are arguing about who deserves a shot at the new champ first, when Chuck Palumbo steps in, wearing his leathers and a white tanktop . . .. . . .

Chuck: I think you might have overlooked one small thing guys………

JBL and Bossman : What?

Chuck: You both suck

JBL: I’ll have you know I was a former WWE Champion amongst other things, what have you done Chuck?

Chuck: I just became the No 1 Contender for the NWF Hardcore Title . . . . . courtesy of the new Commissioner, cya losers!

Bossman: Who is the new commissioner?

JBL: No ide

2nd Match

JR: So a new commissioner, wonder who that could be king?

King: I know JR, I can’t wait to find out, there are so many options

JR: Anyway king back to the 2nd match, Kofi Kingston vs Shelton Benjamin

Lawler: Right JR don’t forget this is for a place in the European Title Match at the PPV at the end of the month

JR: Kofi is on fire tonight, a great missile dropkick of the top rope there

Lawler: This match is back and forth, Benjamin hits a great T Bone suplex

JR: Great reversal by Benjamin, he hits a few right hands

Lawler : A clothesline by Kofi, Benjamin gets back up and a great knock down by Kofi

JR: Benjamin tries for his signature suplex, but Kofi blocks it

Lawler: Irish whip into the corner Kofi is struggling here

JR: Benjamin misses the splash into the corner, damn that looked painful

Lawler: Kofi is waiting . . . Trouble in Paradise! 1, 2 ……. 3

JR: Kofi Kingston is going to Haloween Hell

Lawler : That was a great match up JR, I hope they meet again down the line!


WWE Legend Hulk Hogan is backstage with our backstage correspondent Josh Matthews

JM: So Hogan what brings you to the NWF tonight?

HH: Well Josh, you know something brother, I thought this is a new era in wrestling, a chance to be a part of history brother. The NWF has a lot of talent, fresh ideas and Tommy asked me to come down and get a feel for the place.

JM: Get a feel for the place, you mean he has plans for you??

HH: Well brother I think he intends me to do something, it could be anything brother, a segment, a special guest referee, a backstage thing, training the superstars, managing one, I’m not sure, I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

JM:  Well thanks Hogan, back to JR and King


JR: Well things are really getting big around here, Hogan is in the mix, but what for?

Lawler: maybe he’s the new commissioner JR? But we have a match to discuss, its time for our main event!

JR: By gawd your right King, who is going to be our first NWF World Champion

Some eerie music hits and a filthy grinding tune breaks in

Lawler: Who is this JR, I don’t recognise that music at all

JR: No, wait king, that looks a bit like Sean O’Haire, I think it is him

Lawler: It can’t be, he was never world championship material, he was just a midcarder

Announcer : First ………. SEAN O’HAIRE

JR: It is him, this is getting strange king

Lawler : Lets see who’s next

Sheamus’ music hits and the crowd cheers

JR : Now a home welcome from the british, well close enough wrestler, the crowd are behind Sheamus tonight

Lawler: Yes, I think he has home field advantage tonight JR, but who else will he face?

Christian’s music hits and the crowd boo’s, save a few obvious peeps

Lawler: Its christian JR, what a match this is turning out to be, still not sure O’Haire  is in the right match though

JR: you never know king, he might turn out to be in here for a reason

Lastly Jeff Hardy’s entrance music hits and he runs to the ring

Lawler : This is a strange combination of opponents JR, Hardy is a high flyer, O’Haire is a brawler, Sheamus too, Christian is just a wrestler and Sheamus is the only wrestler with little tag team experience

JR : Yes king, but look at O’Haire go, he just took Jeff out with a clothesline, Sheamus is beating christian all round the ring

Lawler: Sure is, the Creepy Little Bastard

JR: Near fall on Christian, O’Haire has lost control, Hardy hits a snap suplex

Lawler: Sheamus hits a scoop slam, looks to wear Christian down here

JR: Christian is struggling to deal with Sheamus’ power here

Lawler: O’Haire has managed to take Jeff down, he hits an elbow drop and looks to put him away

JR: Near fall on Hardy, O’Haire really looking strong here, submission hold keeping Jeff down

Lawler: Sheamus going for his patented Brogue Kick, misses Christian tries a suplex

JR: Sheamus blocks it and does one of his own

Lawler: O’Haire pins Jeff, the breaks up the near fall on Christian

JR: Double team on Sheamus, reversal by Sheamus, Christian is down

Lawler: O’Haire is taken outside by a heavy clothesline, Sheamus alone with Christian

JR: Sheamus hits his Brogue Kick…… 1, 2 , 3

Lawler: That only leaves two, Sean O’ Haire is back in the ring but Sheamus counters his punches

JR: Sheamus hits a slam, then signals for the Irish Curse, 1 2 3 its over Sheamus wins!

Hogan’s music hits .. .. … . .

He comes into the ring carrying a bag and presents the world title to Sheamus!

NWF World Title  : Sheamus

NWF HARDCORE : Rhyno  —— No1 Chuck

NWF EURO : Kofi vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

Any thoughts on the Commissioner? Who should be in the European Title Match? Who Should be no1 Contender for the World Title?

Thanks for reading, I am going to try do this once a week, if I feel I can do more I will





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