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Quick Note – Ohmicide and Automation

Hey guys,

I have heard a few tracks over the last 10 years with some distortion automation in them, I made one a while ago that just had changing levels of gain on different distortion frequencies, but I recently came up with a little tutorial idea/project for myself and wanted to share the plan for this, kind of to make me more inclined to write the tutorial, rather than chickening out later on.

I thought if you could have say a drum beat, lets start basic. You then add an Ohmicide Distortion VST onto that track or a return track or just even one single drum, its not that important where you put the effect.

You take the Ohmicide and configure a few parameters for automation, I’d suggest setting the different frequencies up first, so you have four bands, then maybe configure the gains of each and the distortion type of each to enable automation, note this is in ableton, there is a little triangle next to configure that allows you expand the instrument, then click configure and any knob or control you touch will automatically be added to the configured controls for automation.

I have had a little test with this and it is pretty good fun. However I noticed that in arrangement view, the type of distortion is assigned a number, which would mean that we could go a little more technical and also create a table for values of each distortion type, making it easier for people to follow.

So this is the plan, I hope to have something up online by wednesday 26th october or if not it may have to wait until the 29th onwards to get posted up here but at last I have another idea for a tutorial. Also don’t think this is limited to drums, my friend said I should use it Psychedelic Leads or Pads, I think this might work too. Experimental stuff is where I feel more comfortable, this is a new step in my creative direction and welcome aboard, enjoy the trip!



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