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NWF – 2nd show

So, I realised I would be away on saturday night, decided I will write the second show tonight. So we continue with the story. . .

JR: Welcome folks to NWF Throwdown, the newest show in professional wrestling and sports entertainment. Only our second show tonight and already mystery shrouds the place, a commissioner calling some shots but no clue as to who he/she is?

King: Yeah JR, I have my suspicions but what about tonight’s show Sheamus will be at ringside for our main event, to decide who he faces at our PPV Halloween Hell.

JR: But first King, we have a battle royale to decide one more place in that european title match for the PPV, its a chance for a few new faces to show up and a chance for the fans to see who could show up over the years to come.

Announcer introduces the first battle royale competitor, Wade Barrett, Wade stands in the ring awaiting the superstars he will do battle with inside the squared circle. Secondly the announcer introduces Shelton Benjamin to the ring, he announces each wrestler in turn, ten in total will compete, Santino Marella, William Regal, Godfather, Goldust, Finlay, Chris Masters, Sgt Snitsky and Zack Ryder.

The battle royale started with everyone brawling, each competitor was determined to make an impact, Zack Ryder got the first elimination taking out William Regal, Wade Barrett almost got eliminated by Goldust but managed to use his power to stay in. Chris Masters eliminated Godfather thanks to a little help from Snitsky, who then found himself double teamed by Goldust and Santino, but overpowered them and eliminated Santino. Benjamin was suplexing almost everyone, he eliminated Chris Masters, leaving Wade Barrett, Shelton Benjamin, Goldust, Zack Ryder and Snitsky. Snitsky and Barrett attacked Ryder together and after fending off Goldust managed to take him out, Goldust was then bundled out by Snitsky while Barrett tried to tackle Benjamin, it wasn’t a very good attempt and Benjamin was a bit too quick for Barrett resulting in Snitsky being one on one with Benjamin, Benjamin didn’t try to take out his vertical base he seemed to be egging Snitsky on, he kept backing away, then hit a super kick. Snitsky wobbled but his anger flared, he lunged and Benjamin sort of duck and lifted Snitsky over the top rope for the win!

King: Wow JR what a match, Benjamin was amazing, he was too quick for Snitsky and his suplexes just kept coming, , so Kofi and Shelton will be in the European Title match at Halloween Hell JR.

JR : Yes king, its getting bigger and bigger, still 4 slots to fill but I have a feeling we will fill one more before the night is over, look on your screen king, it’s our boss, Tommy Newsome….

Tommy: Now Jeff, I know you didn’t win the NWF World Title and I have faith that you can one day become a champion but our European Title match needs a few more superstars and I want to give you one of the spots Jeff?

Jeff: Look man, the NWF fans want to see me a champion, a world champion, if winning a second rate title first is what I have to do to get there, then I’m in, just as long as its a ladder match ok?

Tommy: Look the ladder match stipulation was already in place, its a ladder match whether you like it or not Jeff

Jeff: Cool Cool

Hogan and The Rock are backstage talking about the World Title picture, Sheamus and the future of the NWF

Hogan : You know something Rock, I think Sheamus has potential to hold onto that belt for a long time, the boss hasn’t got clearance for all the big stars yet, with a few out injured it limits what Sheamus can be put up against brother

Rock: Hogan Sheamus is a good champion, but he ain’t a “great one” (he laughs) he needs a tough opponent for his first PPV, who do you reckon might fit that bill Hogan, you think the Commissioner might have someone lined up?

Hogan: I’m pretty sure he does Rock, pretty damn sure he does!

Back to the in ring action now as JR and King are ready to call our second match of the night

King: wait JR, did The Rock just try and hint that he should face Sheamus for the title?

JR: I don’t know king, I think The Rock would love another world title but I’m not sure if he’s involved with the company on a wrestling contract, who knows

King: Ok well here we go JR our second match of the night, its Alberto Del Rio against Samoa Joe, the Samoan submission machine, I can’t believe I get to call this match, great german suplex by Samoa Joe

JR : King calm down, its only a match, a reversal by Del Rio, but he can’t lock in his armbar yet

King: Wait Samoa Joe goes for a sleeper hold, he’s draining Del Rio, things look bleak for Del Rio

JR : No, Del Rio seems to be fighting back, a few elbows and a roll through, yes he’s escaped it

King : They’re circling each other looking for an opening, well JR what do you think Del Rio has to do to win this match?

JR : Its anyone’s game at this stage King, but I think he needs to weaken Samoa Joe first, that might be hard though tonight

King : Wait Del Rio managed to get his armbar locked in, oh what a shame Del Rio Samoa Joe grabbed the ropes

JR: Hang on Del Rio isn’t letting go King, he’s using the ropes as leverage, just breaks the hold at the last possible moment

King: That is smart tactics by Del Rio JR, you gotta admit, Del Rio might stand a chance of winning this one if he can wear his opponent down, another few big moves and this one is over

JR: Hang on King, here comes Joe, he’s furious, a suplex, followed by a clothesline, followed by a german suplex

King : JR this is it, Samoa Joe is going nuts, Ankle lock on Del Rio centre of the ring, nowhere to go

JR : Thats it surely, yes Del Rio taps out! Samoe Joe wins by submission

Samoa Joe celebrates in the ring before leaving  through the crowd

Abyss comes out of a door labelled “commissioner” with a smirk on his face.

JR: Well I wonder what Abyss is so happy about and who he visited in that room, we still don’t know who the commissioner is King, well I know for sure if Abyss is happy it can’t be good for his next opponent

King: Well we got our main event next JR, the no1 Contenders match for the PPV its only one more show to go before the PPV JR, I can’t wait, The European Title match, the Hardcore belt will surely be on the line and the World Champ Sheamus will defend his title!

JR: Yeah, King look it’s Abyss

King: Why is he out here

Announcer : Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been informed that this next match will be a triple threat match and it is for the no1 contendership to the NWF World Championship,  introducing first “The Monster” Abyss…

King: Oh my JR Abyss could be challenging for the title at Halloween Hell!

JR : I don’t like it but I think it would be fitting, make one “hell” of a match hey King?

King: Sure whatever you say JR

Next Randy Orton’s music hits and he walks down to the ring, he doesn’t look happy, he is then followed by none other than Chris Jericho, the three stare each other down and Abyss gets it started

King: Abyss rushes at Orton taking him down with a clothesline, owch that has to hurt JR

JR : I’m sure Orton will survive King, Jericho seized the opportunity and attacked Abyss from behind, a clubbing blow

King: Abyss is really looking motivated tonight, maybe the prospect of being able to blend in at Halloween is too much for him?

JR: I wouldn’t say that too loud if I were you King, Abyss takes down Jericho with a powerslam, but Orton strikes with dropkick

King: Orton is back in it JR, he looks fired up, down goes Abyss again, Jericho taking some punches theree, clothesline!

JR : Orton has control of Jericho, Abyss is slowly getting up though, bam Clothesline takes Jericho and Orton down

King : Jericho to the outside though, now Orton is all alone with “The Monster”

JR: Orton tries to lift Abyss but can’t and Abyss drives him head first into the turnbuckle

King: Watch his face Abyss, oww, Abyss nails Orton with vicious right chop, then scoop slams him

JR: Here it comes Monster Slam, 1, 2, and 3 Abyss wins, we have our new challenger for the World Title

Sheamus’ music hits, he stands at the top of the ramp and stares at Abyss holding the title aloft for all to see. Monster vs Machine at Halloween Hell stay tuned to find out who will prevail!

One more show to go who knows what will happen next show, surely we will find out all the European title contenders we have three already announced, also the Hardcore division will get some plugging


Thanks for reading,



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