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NWF last show before Halloween Hell

Sorry for the delay on this guys, but I got tied up with other things, so here it is the final show before the PPV.

JR: Well king, this is it, our last night before we head to Halloween Hell!

King : Yeah JR and this is going to be one hell of a show, we have a tag team match for our main event, in which Sheamus and Abyss will square off with partners we don’t know yet

JR : Sure thing King but we also get to find out the final competitors for the European Title Match too

With Kofi, Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy already qualified, the opening match would see who else could join the European title match at the PPV.

JR: Well king, I’m told our opening match will decide one of our contenders for the title next week at the PPV, looks like we have Dolph Ziggler in heading to the ring, is that Vickie Guerrero with him?

Vickie: Excuse Me! Excuse me! This is the future of the NWF, this is Dolph Ziggler, my client which lowly worthless opponent is he to face tonight, bring him out now!

The familiar golden movie sequence plays out and the arena turns to gold, Goldust appears and proceeds to walk down the aisle, the crowd cheers….

King: Oh my god Goldust! That is a surprise, Goldust is competing for a shot at gold!

JR: Oh haa haa King, Goldust is a great in ring veteran, he’s sure to make this an interesting matchup King

JR: They tie-up, Goldust manages to deliver a suplex, he whips Dolph into the corner.

King: JR look at Vickie, she is screaming at Dolph, oooh Goldust missed the splash in the corner there

JR : Ziggler gaining the upper hand here, a few strong shots, a slam by Ziggler

King : Vickie is really pushing for Dolph to keep control, Dolph looks to hit the Zig Zag,  but Goldust escaped it

JR: Ziggler doesn’t seem deterred, he’s clothesline Goldust back down, a few stomps for good measure

King: Vickie is calling for him to finish this, and there it is the Zig Zag by Dolph

JR : It’s over King, 1 2 3

So Ziggler earns a spot in the title match just two spaces left now.

Backstage Hogan and The Rock are talking about the European Title Match

Hogan: Well Rock, we know all but two of the partcipants for the European Title match huh?

Rock : Yes Hogan, but I smell something cooking, I think there are two more jabronis waiting to be added

Hogan : Well you know something brother, I think someone might have the answers

Hogan and Rock turn round to see the boss walking towards them

Tommy: Hey guys, I have the two remaining superstars for the European title match in my office would you tell them they have a match next, with the Hardcore Champion and his number one contender in a fatal four way match

Hogan: You know something brother, I’m curious, I’ll do it boss

Back to ringside for the Fatal Four Way

JR: Well king here we go we find out two things, the two remaining European title match competitors and the Hardcore title match participants too

King: Oh boy here comes Rhyno JR…..

JR: Yup but who is his opponent at the PPV

Announcer: Introducing the number one contender for the Hardcore Championship, Perry Saturn!

King : Oh my look its Perry Saturn, what a weirdo, he still carries that mop thing around

JR : Interesting choice though King I’m not sure anyone expected that to happen

Announcer: Now introducing their opponent, Carlito

JR: Well king now that is a good choice for the European title, a good family wrestler

King : Yeah I suppose so JR, but he’s not cool

Announcer : And finally their opponent, Wade Barrett

King : Oh what a joke JR, Wade Barrett? really?? I know he’s big and everything but seriously Wade Barrett gets a title shot?

JR: Just be quiet King, Wade is a good fighter, he has proved himself time and time again

JR: Well Barrett makes immediate impact throwing Rhyno out of the ring and following him, to take this to the outside

King: Carlito is getting the better of that weirdo Perry Saturn, a nice suplex by him

JR: It seems Carlito isn’t feeling challenged he’s thrown Saturn into the corner and come out to attack Rhyno with Barrett

King : Look at them working together like this, its not on! wait Rhyno looks pissed, Gore Gore Gore! Barrett goes down

JR : Oh my what an explosion that was Rhyno ramming Carlito into the apron, then he throws him to the floor

King: He’s in the ring with Saturn now, Saturn turns round, wait Gore Gore Gore! Another one

JR: Its over king 1  2  3

King: Wow that was a great comeback by Rhyno huh JR

Well it is now time for our main event, Abyss & ????  vs  Sheamus & ????

Abyss’ music hits and he walks down to the ring, he motions for his partner to come down and . . . .

Announcer : Introducing his partner . . . . .  Vader!!

King: What! Vader oh my god this is going to be tough to beat JR

Sheamus’ music hits and he walks down the ramp ……

Sheamus: Now listen up fella, my tag team partner is a legend in his own right, so he needs no introduction

He motions for his partner to come down the ramp and down to the ring sprints Roddy Piper!

King: Oh yes yes, this is amazing JR two legends, I can’t believe it!

JR : Just calm down King, Piper and Vader to start this off, Piper hits a few right hands, Vader looks to be laughing king

King: Yeah Vader is a bit tougher than a few right hands, he slams Piper down easily

JR : Vader hits Piper with a leg drop, oh wait Piper rolls out of the way, tags Sheamus

King: The champ is in, he clothesline Vader, just a wobble, again, now Vader is down

JR: Vader gets up and walks straight into another clothesline, then Sheamus works on his legs

King: Vader needs to make the tag, wait he kicks Sheamus, there’s the tag

JR : Abyss looks fired up, he hits Sheamus with a big clothesline, he goes to follow up but Sheamus counters

King: Sheamus hits the Irish Curse, 1 2 3

Its over, Sheamus and Roddy Piper win

Sheamus celebrates with Piper as the show closes


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