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Inside my mind tonight

I wanted to share something, write something a little deeper, just to explore the mindset I am in tonight


There is a brick wall around I built myself, I build concentric walls surrounding this

Some people can enter through the majority of these, but one wall will only being entered through a door I create

This  is my power, I am the bouncer to my mind

People might climb over the final wall and get a glimpse when my guard goes down

I’m not scared of what they might see, I have nothing to hide

I am not of the dark


I know that people would try to turn me into a source for evil

I know evil has tried to control me and bend me to its will

But evil has not gained control, evil has been weakened in my heart and mind


People have tried to make me suffer for 6 years, maybe more

I am still standing, still fighting them off

What makes one person think they can finish me?

Arrogance, Ignorance and Malice

AIM, your aim can be as true as a dagger to a heart but if I am wearing the thickest armour you will never get through

I will always be wearing that suit of armour

Because I know you are trying to break me


Give up, it is not worth your time

The battle cannot be won

I am too strong for you


I urge anyone who is being hurt by any means to read this and know anyone can be this strong, no matter who you are, don’t let anyone beat you down ever, stay true to yourself, wear your armour proud and not one soul can ever touch you!


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  1. Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally Ill see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

    November 20, 2011 at 4:08 pm

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