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NWF – Halloween Hell

Here is Halloween Hell!

JR: Welcome everybody to Halloween Hell! Tonight is the NWF’s first ever PPV, the company is hosting four matches tonight, the main event being Abyss vs Sheamus for the World Title

King : Yes JR, what a match that is going to be, its also been made a Hell in a Cell match specifically for this PPV. I heard rumours that ain’t all the surprises tho JR

JR: Right well King we don’t know what the first match is going to be ourselves as we only know the three title matches taking place

Backstage The Rock is talking to The Boss (Tommy Newsome)

The Rock : Right Tommy, this first match, it’s a battle royale right?

Tommy: Yeah Rock, you’re the referee, so you will call this one right down the middle, submission eliminations only, have Hogan on the outside to keep order if need be, these four superstars are known for submission style so it will be tough to keep track.

The Rock: Don’t worry boss, The Rock knows how to keep these jabroni’s in check

King: Oh my god JR, The Rock is refereeing a battle royale

JR: And its next

Announcer: The following contest, is a submission only battle royale, introducing first your special guest referee The Rock

Announcer : First, making his way to the ring, he is the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe

Announcer : And his first opponent, hailing from Aberdeen, Washington Daniel Bryan

Announcer: And their opponent weighing in at 239lb’s Alberto Del Rio

Announcer: And our final competitor, hailing from Blackpool, England William Regal

King: Oh wow, JR that is some line up for a submission match huh? Daniel Bryan, king of the independents, Samoa Joe one of the best in the world, our very own William Regal from England and the high class Alberto Del Rio from Mexico

JR: Sure is King, this is gonna be a slobberknocker!

JR: Regal goes straight after Daniel Bryan, they exchange blows and Regal comes out of it a little better off, gaining the advantage there with a clothesline

King: Samoa Joe has really done a number on Del Rio though, his shoulder collided with that turnbuckle pretty hard

JR: Yeah but look Regal he knows Samoa Joe is on a roll and comes across to help Del Rio, they’re double teaming him now, double DDT.

King: Bryan is back up and he drop kicks Del Rio out of the ring and follows him, this is getting manic JR, Hogan is keeping an eye on the action from ringside

JR: Samoa Joe seems to have Regal beat here a few german suplexes and Regal is struggling, Samoa Joe goes for a sleeper hold

King: Wait a minute Del Rio is rolling back into the ring, he breaks the hold, what, this is everyman for themselves Regal should have been gone!

JR: Well thats just the way the cookie crumbles King, now Bryan arrives to take some of the heat off Joe, a great top rope dive by Bryan

King: Yes JR, he really can fly that guy, wait he’s locked in the labelle lock on Regal, but hes too close to the ropes and grabs them instinctively

JR: Thats a big word for you king

King: I know I even surprised myself JR, wait Samoa Joe has thrown Del Rio out of the ring, but hes not following, he’s clotheslined Regal

JR: Wait a minute, Daniel Bryan is hitting a dropkick off the top rope, he hits Joe, Clothesline on Regal, drags him to the centre of the ring

King: Here comes Del Rio, he attacks Bryan from behind and locks in the armbar, Regal isn’t going to save Bryan, its over for him!

JR : Were down to three now, Samoa Joe, William Regal and Alberto Del Rio

King: Yeah and it’s probably going to be two on one for a while now, look at Del Rio the smug git! He’s just waiting watching as Regal, picks apart Joe

JR: I wouldn’t count Samoa Joe out yet King, look hes fighting this hold

King: Go Joe! Go Joe! Yes Samoa Joe reaches the ropes following that Regal Stretch, he’s weakened but he’s not done yet

JR: You’re right King, Del Rio comes over to try and take over but Samoa Joe saw him coming and rolls him up, no pins in this match however, but it bought him some time

King: Yeah look he managed to get to his feet, he’s downed Regal with a suplex and Del Rio is only just back in the ring

JR: There it is big clothesline to Del Rio, Regal stays down, another big clothesline to Del Rio, Regal ducks under a clothesline. . .

King: Samoa Joe slams Regal down, he goes for a surfboard stretch on Regal, nowhere to go and Del Rio isn’t saving him, he taps, Regal is gone!

JR: So it comes down to this Samoa Joe and Alberto Del Rio, they met two weeks ago and now they meet again, the final two in this match

King: Del Rio was smart there, Samoa Joe is down again after Del Rio took advantage with a chop block to the back of the knees, he’s know working that right arm, driving the elbows home

JR: Yes, Samoa Joe doesn’t look too strong right now, Del Rio hasn’t done much all match but now he’s working his gameplan, he tries to lock in his armbar, but Joe blocks it and sends Del Rio back

King: But hes not giving up JR, he stomps on Joe a few times and goes right back to it, Samoa Joe kicks back and manages to get closer to the ropes, Del Rio is forced to let him recover a little by The Rock.

JR: The Rock lets them at each other again, Samoa Joe is gaining momentum here, some good punches flying in, wait Del Rio just sidestepped and and attacked that weak arm, he locks in the armbar

King: No! Samoa Joe has nowhere to go, its over JR, Del Rio wins

Del Rio celebrates in the ring, The Rock holding his arms aloft

Backstage The Boss is with Mick Foley

Foley : Now Boss you’re sure you want me to go out there before the Hardcore Title match

Boss: Yeah Mick, you need this before the match, besides you can referee the match afterwards, tonight is going to be refereed by the greats, now get out there!

Announcer: Would you please welcome to the ring Mick Foley!

Foley: Now people, I have an announcement to make, you must all have been wondering what has been going on with Hogan and The Rock, who is the NWF Commissioner? Well I have been sent out here to introduce to you the NWF Commissioner ………

King: I wonder who it is JR

JR : Be quiet King

Foley : ME! Mick Foley – bang bang! So lets get this hardcore title match on the go, I am going to referee this match

Announcer : First the challenger weighing in at 234lb’s Perry Saturn

King: Oh hear comes the weirdo with the mop, what a waste of a title shot JR

JR : Now King, Saturn is an accomplished wrestler, he was one of the Radicalz

Announcer : Now introducing your Hardcore Champion “The Man Beast” Rhyno

JR : So here we go King, Saturn looks confident

King: Let’s if he looks confident once Rhyno hits him with that Gore!

JR: Well Saturn hits a good suplex, works on Rhyno’s arm a bit there some good groundwork

King: Rhyno won’t stay down for long, there ya go, Rhyno hits a vicious clothesline

JR: Rhyno bouncing back with a powerslam, a few rights and a left aswell

King: Rhyno seems to be going strong now huh JR? Saturn not looking too confident now, wait is that moppy, owch he just cracked moppy over Rhyno’s head and again!

JR: This is a hardcore match its all legal folks, Rhyno looks livid, Saturn hits him downstairs with the mop, Rhyno rolls outside, nowhere to hide though

King: He’s getting something from under the ring, its a chair, go on Rhyno hit him!

JR: Rhyno cracks the chair off the skull of Saturn, another shot to the back and Saturn goes down

King: Rhyno is signalling for the end, hes waiting for it, Gore! Gore! Gore!

JR: There ain’t no kicking out of that King, 1 2 3

Rhyno retains the Hardcore Championship!

Backstage The Boss is talking to Bret Hart

Bret : You wanted to see me?

Boss: Yeah Bret, I need a special guest referee for the Ladder match, are you in?

Bret : Sure I’ll do it, is Hogan on enforcement duty?

Boss: Nah, I thought The Rock could do it tonight

Bret : Ok , I won’t let you down Tommy

Announcer: The following match is a 6 man ladder match and it is for the European Championship, first introducing your special guest referee Bret “the hitman” Hart!

Announcer: Our first competitor, hailing from Hollywood, Florida Dolph Ziggler

Announcer: And his first opponent : weighing in at 220lbs  Carlito Cool

Announcer: Making his way to the ring hailing from Manchester, England Wade Barrett

Announcer: Also competing in this match, he was one half of the self proclaimed world’s greatest tag team, Shelton Benjamin

Announcer:  And his opponent, hailing from Ghana, West Africa  Kofi Kingston

Announcer : Finally weighing in at 215lbs Jeff Hardy

JR: So King this is a 6 man ladder match, with some of our top superstars vying for that European Championship

King: Yeah JR, look at them brawling in the ring, how is anyone going to get that belt with 5 other guys watching him?

JR : We are about to find out King, Shelton and Ziggler have paired off on the outside, The Rock is watching them closely, Shelton hits a superkick, then goes under the ring, all objects are legal in this match

King: Someone is definitely going to get hurt JR, look Carlito has a table set up in the ring, oh my

JR : Carlito looks to suplex Wade Barrett through the table, but he fails, oh and Barrett slams Carlito through the table!

King: Jeff Hardy dives to the outside taking out Ziggler and Benjamin

JR: Kofi Kingston is taking it to Wade Barrett, he just threw him out of the ring, the ladder is set up

King: Kofi is inches away from capturing that belt, but no wait a minute, Carlito stops him with a clobbering blow to the back

JR: Kofi and Carlito brawl around the ring, Barrett gets back in there and clears the ring, while Shelton and Jeff take it in turns to beat Ziggler around outside

King : They’re using him as a punching bag JR, wait Barrett is there, he clotheslines both of them and grabs Jeff ramming his head into the turnbuckle post

JR: Owch, well Carlito and Kofi are going at it again, Kofi has once again cleared the ring and is climbing the ladder

King: Wait Ziggler is on his way back to the ladder, Shelton smacks him in the back with a chair but Kofi is distracted enough

JR: Yes Kofi flies down crushing Shelton and Ziggler in a heap in the corner of the ring

King : What carnage JR, Barrett, seems to have the upperhand now hes climbing the ladder, yes Barrett has won!

Wade Barrett is our European Champion

King:  Well you might not like the guy but he won fair and square

Announcer: It is now time for our main event, introducing your special guest referee, Hulk Hogan

Announcer:  Now making his way to the ring, he is the challenger, “The Monster” Abyss

Announcer : And introducing the champion, hailing from Dublin, Ireland, “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus!

JR : So King with Hulk Hogan refereeing this, do you think he will call it down the middle?

King: Sure he will JR, Sheamus is controlling the match early on, he just pummelled Abyss in the corner

JR : Abyss needs to get a hold of himself and get back in this match, wait he blocked a irish whip and gets Sheamus in the corner

King: Abyss is really firing back, a suplex by Abyss and he now sets Sheamus up for a splash in the corner

JR: Abyss charges at Sheamus, he misses, Sheamus buys himself some time now

King : That could spell the end for Abyss, a missed opportunity and Sheamus is back in control

JR : Sheamus clotheslines Abyss down and gets ready, Irish Curse to Abyss, near fall, two count only for Sheamus

King : Sheamus has had enough JR, he wants to finish Abyss

JR: Wait King, Abyss rolled out of the ring, Sheamus goes after him and rams his head off the cell a few times

King: Abyss gets Sheamus in the ribs, he whips him into the turnbuckle

JR: Now Sheamus needs to rally, before Abyss gets control, yes thats it Sheamus throws Abyss back into the ring

King : JR look he has him up in the celtic cross, that’s gotta be it JR!

JR : It’s over, Sheamus retains the title, a big win, a first successful title defense!

Hogan raises Sheamus’ hands and gives him the belt, Sheamus celebrates in the ring



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