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WWE 12 : A new era, a good start?

I wanted to post my initial thoughts on WWE 12,  I got the game on release day in the UK friday 25th November around 2pm and have been playing it a lot since. I have covered WWE Universe Mode 2.0, The Villain storyline, The Outsider storyline and created my own Irish ECW Arena, hopefully I can give people an idea of how good or not so good the game is based on this and I might comment on the game more in the future.

First of all Universe Mode 2.0, I like the progress they have made with this game, however I think they are in need of some intelligent and thorough testers for this game mode. I had been playing a while and Steve Austin had managed to capture the World Title, but got injured in one of the last smackdown events. He was listed as injured but he still competed in a ladder match vs Randy Orton(me) I beat him and then this is where I stress “testing” John Cena(face), Dolph Ziggler(Heel) and Evan Bourne(Face) came out and clapped my victory to which commentary confirmed “Do you think they want another member?” this was meant to be a stable angle, Orton is a face so Ziggler just shouldn’t be in this angle, strange. So basically my point is Universe Mode is not as complex and developed as it should be at 2.0 this is to me Universe Mode 1.2 not 2.0 the power25 similar system is ok, but would be better if it had also a combined power25 ranking too. The seamless matches are good, but could be improved by adding the ability to interfere at any point during a match, call up interference to  help or edit the match particpants in the seamless mode.

When a superstar beats someone he should move up the rankings if the person he beats is higher up, this doesn’t seem to work all the time as if the person is fairly high up in comparison they either don’t move at all or move up one, which isn’t a good portrayal. Another point with Universe mode is tag teams and their matches, tag team matches don’t happen very often and when I formed a tag team between Jack Swagger and The Miz, the team were never given a match, basically it seems the game does not utilize the information it has on offer. I also noticed that The Miz and Jack Swagger would rocket up in the singles ladder but not in the tag team ladder. I wish that if I assigned people to a team they were given more team based matches but its a good start and one shouldn’t be put off as you can have a lot of fun in this mode.

Now for Road To Wrestlemania, first of all I’m loving the storylines, the way the game seems to feel like the WWE in a good way, but sometimes it lacks originality. Always it is a handicap match or a match where the other 5 particpants do not compete with you. they would want to fight for the win each themselves and its very annoying that they just attack you. The Villain storyline was predictable when you thought about it but I loved it anyway. Being from England, I think its nice that they picked the UK Superstars for a storyline, Sheamus is one of my favourite wrestlers so to be able to play a storyline through with him was good. I liked how the split worked but maybe it should have been Drew and Sheamus not Regal, as Regal and Barrett are from England.

I then did the Outsider storyline, I’m a bit disappointed with this storyline as it seems to be offering Kevin Nash heavily and it seems it offers The Miz but that is just my personal opinion. Kevin Nash should have had a bigger part in this storyline. It is basically a throwback from Kurt Angle’s time as Smackdown GM for those who remember it, Kurt in a wheelchair turns out to be a scam and Edge gets in on the act so although I enjoyed it, I felt like it dragged along too long and it finished at Summerslam, which isn’t really a RTWM story then, but I suppose it flows nicely, I think a lot of flowly nicely has been given priority over good ideas and gameplay in this game tbh, not very well thought out or tested, maybe with more opinions gathered they can solve the issues a lot of people will probably have with the game.

So I also created an Arena, I liked this mode, its a nice addition and my Irish ECW Arena is uploaded on PSN for people to download, tags are Ireland , ECW and Green. any comments are welcome on that as I’m not sure if I want to tweak it a little here and there, finally my only criticism of this mode is that we cannot edit the Titantron area, it looks the same always and not very good tbh.

Thanks for reading,



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