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Some Feedback for THQ on WWE 12

I am a big fan of WWE games, I have followed the smackdown and raw series, then straight in with Smackdown vs Raw, I have been into wrestling since around 1999, but I do not watch it as often these days as I cannot watch them on TV from home, I do sometimes catch the shows online. So WWE 12 then ….

My first point is a positive one, the interference in matches in WWE 12 although it isn’t varied much and is slightly short and something they will ultimately want to develop, I love that they added this, basically you press the relevant button on your controller at the match card screen and then when the match starts the referee is knocked out. You then run to the ring and have 1 minute to either cost someone the match or destroy both competitors, I think that some kinks need to be worked out here but it is a very good start. I would suggest having the referee get knocked down in different ways would be nice, even if it was only three different ways. This could also be triggered by your button press while watching the match. people can trigger it straight away or later, that way those who want to get it done quick can but others can let it play out like a real WWE match.

So after that Universe mode seems to have a little problem with the AI or lack of it. I had two faces and a heel in one stable, this was very annoying as then another face would be against them in a 3 on 1 handicap match, it was Orton(face) against Cena(F) Evan Bourne(F) and Ziggler (H) what is going on? I also started a team with Swagger and Miz but they teamed once after forming and never again.

I would like to see injuries developed more in the game too, I enjoy the animations after a match in which you destroy your opponent and he is stretchered out, once so far I have attacked him and taken him off it, but injuries seem to have a problem when it comes to a champion. Steve Austin was World Champ, I injured him badly with Randy Orton, but he was still the champ, so he stayed champ and carried on wrestling with normal full health. Firstly his health should not have been full if he is going to compete, secondly if he is badly injured there should be an option to vacate the title and have a title match for the vacant title at the next ppv, or you should have no champion until he returns if it is a short one, maybe you could ask him to give the title to someone he feels deserves it??

I also had a little issue with an achievement I was trying to get earlier tonight, I was a created superstar, I was trying to do the no1 contender thing, but my title shot was granted before a no1 contender match, this was for the united states title though, so I am guessing you will have to go through this for the major titles not the minor titles. I am thoroughly enjoying taking Universe mode by storm with my created character – Quan Chi, I sorted of tried to model him on Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat but WWE him up a little, he kind of looks like a strange Highlander crossed with Steve Austin. I am on PSN and will upload him soon I think, just need to sort his move set out first!

Thanks for reading,



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