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Dead Island – Serious Fun

I recently bought Dead Island, so I thought I’d check out the reviews, I know wrong way round really but I’d already placed on my “to get” list along with other zombie title Dead Rising 2, well I traded in around 7 old games, ps2 n xbox ones I wasn’t needing anymore and two xbox360 titles. I got enough to buy the game from CEX and so couldn’t resist.

I was shocked to find such mixed reviews to be fair, Dead Island has scores rating from as low as around 40/100 right up to around 90/100. I myself bought the game as the idea of zombies infecting a resort island type area was kind of interesting, I had played the game previously and found it rather difficult on xbox360. However I was playing on the game at a high level not from the start, so I was pleased to find that I was sailing through the game on my own PS3 and was upto level 9 in no time!

Dead Island is meant in my opinion to be a serious counterpart to the Dead Rising gameplay. It is a little serious I think, the critics seem to think that Dead Island lacks a story, now while they might have a slight point in that the game doesn’t engage the story with gamer very well, but it does do it, the whole story seems to be escape, get off the island and help others do the same. I can see why people would say this isn’t much of a story and it does seem to lack that focus in the game. However it is still a lot of fun.

Now I know it is meant to be more serious and story based than Dead Rising, or so I’ve heard but Dead Island has quests and reminds me sometimes of Borderlands, I loved Borderlands and so far I think I am loving this. I am getting a few minor troubles where I am not sure what to do because of the amount of quests I have and getting stuck sometimes due to lack of guns early on. All in all though I like this game.

I am tired of seeing critics over look the fun factor so I’ll point out this, I find a lot of games like GTA series and others that are so highly acclaimed boring, they are just the same old tripe year in, year out and the last time I found GTA fun was GTA London, don’t get me wrong some people can play it for hours on end, me I prefer Just Cause 2, Saints Row and Godfather 2. Dead Island is one of a string of different titles that offers gamers like me a chance to just sit through endless hours of zombie killing frenzy, while following quests and completing a story, all be it a tame one.

I would honestly recommend anyone pick this up cheap if you can, try it out, but I won’t say it comes without its issues, don’t expect perfection cos as with any game on the market these days, that never happens!

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