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My WWE Universe – including another shot at THQ


I’m back with another dose of WWE Universe feedback, firstly my created superstar won the united states title, Quan Chi is officially on a roll, however unless I physically put him in a match on raw or smackdown he never really wrestles except at ppv’s. He was in a stable with it seems Rey Mysterio and either Ax or Smash – all heels I believe, but I declined to form a tag team with Mysterio on account of it wouldn’t really work. I would likely team with Kane or Undertaker or possibly Sin Cara.

But my main shot at THQ is this, cage matches, what is the deal, I had a cage match triple threat, Nash vs Jericho vs CM Punk, i needed to win it, with Jericho so I picked him and I hit finishers on them, I literally beat them senseless, but I could never get half way up the cage before they got up and pulled me down, yet when I’m down I’m down for ages and often lose, how is this realistic? Even if I had to hit say two finishers on each to make them stay down for long enough it might work. I had a similar problem with ladder matches, but I got lucky and managed to win the match.

A funny moment from my WWE Universe is because of this issue I replaced the number one contenders match for Cena’s title with a singles match between Cena and Zack Ryder, basically Cena lost! Another problem then reared its head as I looked at my rankings to find Zack Ryder was still nowhere near the top 10 and not on the united states title rankings, what is going on? Ryder beat Cena, surely that should mean a big jump up the rankings or at least a spot on the US Title slots?

So yeah I hope I am not alone in this, I wish THQ would take notice! Thanks for reading though,



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  1. i i;m the best at football at my school

    September 13, 2012 at 12:15 am

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