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WWE 12 – More Universe antics

Right just another little bit on my WWE Universe in WWE 12. I invited my friend up for a session on wwe 12 earlier and he decided he would put Yoshi Tatsu on a push, he feels the guy is underrated, WWE 12 had already made him no1 contender to my Intercontinental Title held by Ted DiBiase, however Wade Barrett had been on a roll lately on account of me trying to push him into a tag team with William Regal due to the lack of current wwe tag teams in the game. It was not happening but Barrett was clearly becoming a force thanks to Regal’s wins, weird.

Anyway Yoshi Tatsu had a few wins courtesy of my friend, and retained his no1 contender spot for the next PPV, edited to be Starcade, it was originally WWE TLC, however I was at this point discovering how to edit scheduled events and changed it for a one off. This is where it got interesting, I was playing as my custom superstar – Quan Chi, who is now available on PSN, my username is djpixc for those who wish to look up any creations I might have online. I was the current United States champ and also the no1 contender for Undertaker’s WWE Title, on RAW, with Yoshi on Smackdown. Yoshi Tatsu and Undertaker were a tag team, created by WWE Universe. So the first thing we noticed was earlier on in the schedule I had beaten Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler with Zack Ryder, not only were they both in the match, but Ryder hadn’t moved since we started playing. The other annoyance with this match was that Ziggler had only just returned from an injury, so why was he still in the hunt for the title? Anyway the next thing we noticed was the match card showed Yoshi Tatsu vs Wade Barrett vs Ted DiBiase, aww shame triple threat match luckily after one rematch thanks to a silly mistake in match creator Tatsu won! So back to the interesting match card before I had retained my title, this is what the main event read; Undertaker vs Kevin Nash WWE Title – what? – So after I retained it then read Quan Chi vs Undertaker WWE Title  – score!

So my friend decided if I was playing the WWE Title match he should play the world title match, I was pushing Kane but he had won money in the bank so the triple threat match between Orton vs Edge vs Kane, meant he picked Edge, neither of us like having Orton constantly with the title so it worked best. I watched as in the first match he won and Brock Lesnar attacked him after his victory, woah Lesnar returns and drops the world champ, even though he isn’t in the top 4 contenders. Well we continued on the screen flashed Royal Rumble match TLC stipulation, with my name stated as Quan Ch, the announcer said it was TLC while Starcade showed on screen ha, epic fail, anyway it  crashed while loading Undertaker’s entrance and I had to restart, my friend had to redo his World Title match and won again but Lesnar did not show this time. I beat Undertaker on my second attempt as I was taken through hell and back, being put through two tables off the ladder at opposite sides of the ring, tombstoned several times and chokeslammed a few too, with only one last ride I think. On the second attempt I annihilated Taker with several of my “Level 5” Twist of Fate finishers and a Chokeslam signature to finish, think I superkicked him too, my friend added the stipulation that I cover all bases and put him through a table, hit him with a chair and use the ladder to pick up the win which I did, all in all good result, until it was over. Lesnar decided to return at my expense, he isn’t even on RAW and he attacked me. Well needless to say we now have the return of The Corporation, only it is a new breed with Taker, Lesnar and Yoshi Tatsu in two. Undertaker and Tatsu captured the WWE Tag Titles on RAW, beating the Road Warriors in an elimination match by a landslide and I am left wondering how I can survive without joining them as they are a face group to my knowledge, just to backtrack we had another epic moment when Randy Orton RKO’d Edge through a table off the ladder, truly amazing to watch, unexpected from an AI, but the amount of glitches we experienced in this match was unreal! Edge was under the ring at point LOL!

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  1. P-Nut

    Ye pixc was fun coming up and playing wwe 12 we have to do that again dude. I love pushing Yoshi Tatsu because all the big wrestlers in the buisness strugle against fast high flyers.

    December 13, 2011 at 9:09 am

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