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WWE Universe Mode – More Feedback and update

I have noticed another thing about WWE Universe Mode 2.0, it is to do with how the matches are set out for the superstars card. I have changed my show to Nitro, however nothing else has changed, I have added a fair amount of custom suuperstars mostly downloaded but some of my own too. I have the following three matches a few weeks running, or find that the same superstars often are put in matches on this show.

Alex Riley vs Santino Marella

Natalya vs Eve

Mr Perfect vs Husky Harris

I simulate most of the matches on this show unless I am trying to push a superstar from the lower reaches of the universe, like a new downloaded superstar, or created guy.

Besides that I am thoroughly enjoying superstars, I developed Quan Chi to be a WWE and US champion and am hoping he will form a tag team soon. The alliance of my new Corporation seems to have created an unholy heel band to stop it, in the form of Big Show, Quan Chi and Drew McIntyre, while I am still struggling to get Wade Barrett and William Regal to form a tag team, without allying them in the edit rivals bit. I have had to delete some rivalries or alliances to fine tune the universe, but sometimes it can be interesting to see what happens. Ezekiel Jackson is getting injured a fair bit and with three home made characters, one by myself and two by different friends, my roster is growing and changing all the time. Big Show won my Royal Rumble, but lost the number one contenders match against CM Punk, so I am curious to see if Universe Mode 2.0 remembers that he is in WM or just discounts it because he lost to CM Punk.

With Elimination Chamber only a Smackdown away, maybe Big Show will enter an elimination chamber match, if Big Show does not remain in the title picture at WM then it is a serious flaw in Universe Mode that the developers must fix if not in this game then the next version for sure.

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