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OJO Sports Agent on Facebook, Android and Iphone (mobile in 2012)

Right guys, I found this cool game on facebook yesterday, called OJO Sports Agent. The general idea is that you are a sports agent and you are managing clients from various sports. You start off with a mini tutorial, which tells you what some of the interface is for and shows you some basic gameplay. The tutorial is alright, gives you a quick dip into the gameplay but a more flexible approach might have been good for some users. For me though it worked got me going and the game is pretty simple once you work out the interface.

home screen of ojo sports agent

home screen

The game includes athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, MBL, soccer, golf, Nascar, MMA, its quite interesting as someone from the UK to see what Soccer players are on the game, also the UFC guys that are on it. I do play NHL on consoles so I am looking forward to signing some Calgary Flames athletes.

In order to sign athletes, new ones as you start with a few clients to keep happy and build up some reputation, gain new clients by making phone calls and doing networking events to gain clout! Yes that’s right CLOUT! This is the “pull” of your agency in the business so to speak, me and my friend giggled for ages about this. Anyway you also have currency known as points which you earn over time and through doing activities. This you spend on gifts for your clients, fulfilling messages from clients and mini games that will give you certain bonuses. The clients however can only sign with you if you have enough space on your roster so to speak, you are allotted a number which basically is the amount of space you have for clients, each client generally taking up a different amount of space, the higher profile the client the more space they take up from what I have seen so far.

You get 3 calls to start with, these you can use to call prospects, clients, I think other things to like endorsements. You get a phone call every hour, but cannot go over your limit after 3, this limit does increase every 7 years though. When calling prospects or clients you have a few options, ask them about their team, how they are, if anyone needs a manager or what your reputation is.  You get a response, I have even had a busy response which I quite liked but it is annoying wasting a call!

I have been playing it heavily in the last 24 hours, I think its interesting and its kind of like a new spin on the superstars games fifa and nhl/nfl superstars, I like being a sports agent more, as I aim to manage Brock Lesnar and a few UFC clients while managing some NHL and Soccer clients. I  would like to be able to be based in the UK who knows maybe they will do a UK version where it might be Football, Snooker, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Tennis Golf, Cricket , I wouldn’t want Cricket, Golf or Rugby Union in it myself but thinking of the sports they might put in that is what I would consider, maybe a few more too.

All in all fun game, addictive and worth a look. 7.5/10 from me.

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  1. Great pic! Seriously. Can I use it here? hotels in windermere

    January 6, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    • djpixc

      donherbarni – an odd request from a hotels in windermere, i do not own the rights to the content of the picture it is not for use elsewhere

      January 9, 2012 at 12:59 am

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