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WWE Universe Mode – Repeat performance

Right guys, again myself and my friend were taking wwe universe mode on and noticed the following match was constantly on smackdown:

Randy Orton & CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara

every week and we didn’t want this match so we changed it after a couple of weeks we realised it was just coming back every time and so I decided to play it. What happened next was interesting and to be honest I gotta say predictable, Orton did not show for the match at first, I was CM Punk and proceeded to beat the team best I could, then a cut scene followed where Orton attacked me then the legal opponent and the match continued, I tagged him in and then went after the partner on the outside, if I remember correctly I decided to get the tag and win the match with CM Punk, the interesting bit however came afterwards, when Sin Cara held my hand up as a sign of respect. I realise now we forgot but we were thinking this was an Orton heel turn, surely Orton would have not took part in the match and then come down to attack me afterwards if so.

Current World Champs are as follows just in case people were wondering :


WWE Title : Triple H

And my minor title holders are as follows:

IC Title : Ted DiBiase

US Title :  Zero Child(not on CC but custom created guy)

Tag Titles : Ax and Smash

Divas : Natalya (not sure as I generally don’t play divas matches much)

Thanks for reading,



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