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WWE 12 Allies and Rivals – points to develop?

I myself think WWE 12 Universe mode 2.0 is a good start for a new generation, I like the additions of rivals and allies although not completely new I think it has been developed, given a fancy new blend with the interference allowing you to see when decided who to have run in, if anyone already fits the bill as an ally or rival of the competitors.

However my recently formed tag team thanks to partly myself choosing Kevin Nash to interfere in a no1 contenders match between Alberto Del Rio and Abyss, but also due to the universe event of Del Rio being Abyss’ mystery partner, I had a team of a face and a heel, now I know this is not completely unheard of in the WWE, afterall anything can happen. However the idea of a heel in this instance Del Rio forming a team with Abyss a face, is slightly weird but the fact that neither changed from face to heel or vice versa is strange, I know we have the freedom to change the stance of each superstar, which incidentally I have now done making Abyss heel. This change does not fit in however with my earlier interference of Nash on both challengers to the title, Nash is heel, so it would make sense to have Abyss and Del Rio be a face team, but I cannot see Del Rio being face. Personally I can see Abyss being heel, its happened before and is likely to happen again. I just think the game could have been a little more intelligent and had Abyss turn heel, maybe Abyss would help Del Rio attack another face tag team before their match,  which brings me on to the universe events.

I am curious, because events often develop your universe, if you simulate them can we be allowed to see the events that occured, so for instance if I had a remarkable match with Ted DiBiase vs Steve Austin and the event was Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes double teaming Austin after the match, then I might see when I simulate that match, Ted gets the win 1,2 and 3, followed by the attack and then have the rematch menu come up or it return to the universe match card automatically?

A big point for development for me is editing match cards more effectively. I like that you can edit the matches but I want to be able to edit them, save my changes and go back to edit the card further. I want to edit the match I highlight not the first match available no matter where I am on the card. I have made many mistakes ruining remarkable matches by accidentally deleting the opening match by editing my own matches into the first slot. This would also allow me to play my own card right through because I have already edited and saved my changes for each match. Anyway just a thought for THQ to consider I guess.

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