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Dr Who – Outnumbered’s mum is …… The Mothership

Dr who’s christmas special, one word . . . Narnia! It reeks of Narnia, I have never watched it, so I cannot comment on comparison but I loved this episode. The tree race were amazing, not evil like if the opposite of the vashta nerada. The wacky nature of the doctor and all knowing mary poppins like feel shone through. I have to say I am warming to the fairytale style of Dr Who, even though it is not in my opinion how it should be.

The episode features a few big names, Bill Bailey, the mum from Outnumbered in particular, but obviously a few familiar faces do appear. The “I know” comments from Matt Smith were pretty good, Matt is growing in his role as The Doctor, I sorely missed David Tennant, he was a true acting legend in the role, not everyone was fond of Tennant in the role, maybe these people will prefer Matt as he grows into the role. If that wasn’t enough the comedy and family entertainment provided by the special guests were well worth keeping recorded on the sky plus box.

I think my family missed out as I caught the show later after midnight and am eager to hear peoples thoughts on the episode. I have one ever so small disappointment, no trailer for new series, I would love to see a little taster.

Anyway any thoughts, feel free to comment. Merry Christmas to all that read this and if you don’t celebrate it well have a good day anyways!



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