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Skyrim – thoughts and tips

Right guys, so on Boxing Day I went and bought Skyrim, I had already played it though. A friend bought it and I managed to level up to level 7 on his copy using my own PS3. So I’m thinking score load it up and carry on, well wrong! I updated the game and found my old save kept crashing, possibly it might work now the update seems to have stopped crashing as much. So basically I started up as a Dark Elf on my new save from Boxing Day and I thought I’d give people a run down of my thoughts on Skyrim.

Skyrim is a game I knew I’d want to play from the moment I knew it was coming out. I thought that looks cool, however I was concerned that with my limited skill on previous elder scrolls games and the inclusion of dragons, I might find it too difficult to play. I have however found it a steady learning curve. The fighting with swords and bows seems a lot easier than in Morrowind and although I played a little Oblivion I do not want to compare because firstly, I played Oblivion on PC and Skyrim on PS3 and secondly I have played a lot more of Skyrim than I did Oblivion.

So I think the new levelling system, coupled with the standing stones is a fresh new approach to the elder scrolls games and suits the Nord ways. Basically when you enter the game and a little way into the introductory quest, you pass some stones, these stones are your base special skills, each one is different and their are a number of them dotted around Skyrim. This area contains three stones. The Mage, The Warrior and The Theif stone I believe. For more information about the standing stones, check here. I wasn’t really paying attention at this point and wandered off doing my own thing missing out on this base bonus. It didn’t really give me any problems but I know I’d have liked a little boost am sure. When you level up, you hit O in the PS3 case and it brings up a menu, consisting of skills(level up here), items, map and magic. The skills menu will be named Level up if you can level up and here you will be prompted to pick either stamina, magicka or health to upgrade and then given a perk to assign to wherever you want, within reason. You can then scroll through all the different skills available and find something to add a bonus perk to. These areas are covered in more detail HERE and HERE. Personally I didn’t think this through and have since found out a few things that might have inspired to pick differently. If you upgrade smithing to 100, you would be able to create dragon armour. A friend of mine was concentrating a little more on archery and says he can kill almost anything with one shot with his Elven Bow. I know someone who concentrated on magic and has been powering head with his destruction magic but he did not pick a dark elf and does not have Ancestors Wrath at his disposal muhahaha! So basically you could probably play through this game tonnes if you don’t mind redoing the story and get lots of different characters with different skill sets, challenging yourself anew each and every time. Oh I forgot to mention stamina apparently upgrades your carrying limit aswell!

So, the graphics are to be fair out of this world, walking through the areas where trees are a plenty is breathtaking, admittedly we can all sit here and whine about room for improvement, but I really don’t see how the graphics being any better would improve the game at all. The gameplay is sound and not too difficult, I am playing on apprentice on account of me wanting to be able to complete the game and hopefully get all the trophies if possible.

Skyrim in my view is a must have or at least test it out, so I’d strongly recommend it to anyone, definitely a 9.9/10 the 10 being missed out on only by the glitchiness that sometimes occurs when saved games are big and the fact that the update lost me my initial save, otherwise top game!


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