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WWE 12 – Hell in a Cell surprise

WWE Hell in Cell came today in my WWE Universe. Another session with my friend competing as Yoshi Tatsu, lead to a Hell in a Cell  with only two title matches on the card, plus the womens title. The two title matches were also Hell in a Cell matches, but the only ones on the  card. Majority of them were ladder matches, so we proceeded to edit the matches and had some random Hell in a Cell matches. Kurt Angle and a custom character I have in my game called Zero Child won their matches.H

After this I got Edge to beat CM Punk as I am still ploughing on trying to get the “Thank You Edge” trophy. Also the match which provided all the drama was Mr Anderson vs Triple H for the WWE Title, my friend had to leave so after selecting Triple H left me to play it, now the surprise was this, I had changed Triple H’s entrance music to his old “My Time” I believe music. Then when I had won the match Mr Anderson’s music played through the highlights and then Triple H’s music started after he had his hands raised, mad, what a weird glitch, thought I’d share it.

Anyone willing to help me with my “You’ve got fans” Trophy on PSN, please feel free to scout me out, djpixc is my PSN tag. I will return the favour if you ask me to.



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