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Godfather : Five Families – First thoughts

godfather 5 families online game

So above is a screenshot of a new online game I have started playing, giving it a test this evening and have reached level 10. It is simple to use, just follow the tutorial sort of jobs/quests to fulfil tasks and get more respect. Help your family grow and conquer so to speak. I gave it a go because I have Godfather 2 on ps3 and have thoroughly enjoyed playing it, so figured something with a similar theme would give me some enjoyment. It is very basic and to be honest, I’m not sure I would continue with it for long but if you ever played Kingdoms of Camelot and you loved that, well this is a new spin of a similar nature so do check it out.

Resources help your gang build and progress; food, steel, cement and obviously cash. You also train up troops for your family and sometimes get given some goons, lower level troops free to help you along. You build various types of building in your neighbourhood. Residential Apartments that affect your influence in the nieghbourhood I believe. You have restaurants that provide food and the obvious steel or cement works for respective resources. This game if you like this sort of thing will drain your life away as at first tasks are taking minimal amount of time, the highest time I have encountered so far is 20 minutes for 10 Thugs I created.

I like the feel and look of the game, you not only have a neighbourhood but also an Estate on this neighbourhood where you have various buildings that allow you access to more in game features like research and developing certain areas will open up new research or abilities for your family. You do pick from the five families to start with and that may affect how you play the game and/or what options are open to you.

All in all I am still weighing the game up but it looks a solid game but with a high time consuming style and could get a bit repetitive and tedious at times. Definitely worth a look if you like this sort of game, I’d give it a 6.5/10 so far.



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