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America – Political Correctness gone mad and Illusion

Right folks, I have had enough of America’s bullshit. Policing the world making everything safer and secure from terrorists, piracy and the like, they need to get their heads checked! Freedom of free speech and flow information is what it is and should stay that way. I’ll be damned if I don’t spread the word about this set of controlling, delusional power hungry muppets that run that country. I like everyone else have often marvelled at the idea of the “american dream” realised that it ain’t as easy as it seems and respect the american citizen a lot more knowing the hard work most of them put in over their careers.

However this afternoon I had something brought to my attention that would ask them along with the rest of the world to step up and challenge the fools that have been given the right to run the country. The internet is under some kind of protest blackout in places to combat some silly law the United States of Policing Bullshit is trying to pull. American government raves on about peace and security yet it continues to be the constant tyrannic thorn in the world, don’t get me wrong, now I maybe just a small time blogger and I may have no real idea of the rammifcations of America not doing what they do, but if that is the case then keep us informed, none of this secret bullshit. If our freedom of information is being taken away then so should yours, we want access to your secret info, if you have access to ours, stop the bullshit. Piracy and Drugs are a fact of life, they happen regardless of your pathetic attempts to war on them. Use this to your advantage and stop trying to eliminate that which cannot be stopped, the people want cheap films, music and such like, either give them this or they will find other means, we are not all sheep to your stupid little controlled warfare we have our own ideas, our own lives, I am at the moment fighting for this because I feel let down by my own government but I’ll be damned if another country’ government is going to impose their laws on my internet because they want to stamp their bullshit policing on everyone. I have the right to say and write whatever I want and post it online, people don’t have to read it, they don’t have to agree with it, they can even feel free to send me comments disagreeing wholly, freedom is what we should fight for not control!

READ THIS and make your own mind up people


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