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WWE 12 – The Kliq forms, Why Gabriel why?

So WWE Universe, my latest session with WWE Universe and my friend has resulted in the weirdest yet tag team formation and a unlikely alliance that has allowed some unlikely World Title matches. First thought to set the scene I was playing it on my own before my friend arrived and John Cena and Shawn Michaels aligned together, I am unsure how, my memory fails me, but this would all change very soon.

We watched in awe as Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels aligned on RAW. Chris Jericho was clearly going to be pissing his pants as his WWE Title looked in serious jeopardy but we move on to smackdown. Triple H had just been drafted and was in the hunt for the World Title but struggle to get past the unruly stupid pairing of Hawk and Justin Gabriel the latter being the Number 1 contender to the World Title, wazzupwidat! So Razor Ramon and Triple H squared off and Triple H wins, I think my friend played this but wait, O isn’t working, something is afoot. Yes Razor Ramon shakes hands with Triple H turning face, hmm weird huh?

Well the next time Triple H wrestled it all got a bit strange he beat Hawk, this didn’t however affect the rankings 😦 but O didn’t work again and Triple H walks up the ramp to Kevin Nash and HBK clapping him, they didn’t give us the option of aligning them all together but this was a sign, so my friend said we have to bring them together and that we did. Now since this I have altered the team so all four are heels, this has lead to a strange almagmation of rag tag superstars aligning but not teaming up against The Kliq. The most notable are John Cena, Booker T and Chris Jericho, however it is odd that after a big win over Goldust, Triple H was attacked by Chris Jericho who is the champion from the wrong show! WWE Universe my Kliq has arrived.

I had a minor irration with one match where I forgot that you cannot directly edit the match without ruining any matches not played before it, I forget when this was but it was a tad annoying as usual.

Michael Cole is now in my WWE Universe folks, I have even better news though I have downloaded Bradshaw and have created a very poor Farooq to team with him, Bradshaw actually beat the hell out of Michael Cole on Nitro which was a pleasure. This wasn’t enough though for the WWE Universe as in the next show CM Punk beat Michael Cole after he lost a match on Smackdown, obviously this is the Cole we see on commentary but still a bad week for Cole!

John Cena saved Road Dogg from getting beaten after his WWE Title match against Jericho but glitched before he ran to the ring, he sort of disappeared into the titantron, wish I could record videos, but I have not got the tools as of yet :p

So I played it since my friend left and I am still struggling to get Hawk and Gabriel down from their perch. Triple H has overtaken Hawk but Gabriel has now had two or three title matches. Surely he is not allowed another?? I wish we could make certain superstars unable to compete for certain titles, not by attributes but by a little title tick box or something similar as Edge being in the running for the IC Title is not helping me push other custom superstars like Razor Ramon who doesn’t seem to be getting involved in the IC title hunt, same with Mr Perfect, I know I can just book the match but I like to have things happen randomly.

So basically Smackdowns title picture is a bit naff, but RAW’s is ok, oh wait no it isn’t. Road Dogg is too high up, I been to push him and Billy Gunn for the tag titles but its just pushing them as singles superstars, one point before Triple H was drafted it was all DX in the top four, but now only Road Dogg is hanging in there that I am not happy with. I have Del Rio and Wade Barrett on major pushes but they can’t quite seem to get there Swagger, Abyss, Hulk Hogan and Eddie seem to be in the way somewhat but also seem to fail to get Road Dogg out of the top spots. Who knows maybe next time we will see Del Rio back in the limelight?

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