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Ableton – Dummy Clips and Automation

I was asked about effectrix and making it do automation from the master channel. This is the way I would look into doing it. The Dummy Clip technique will allow you to send all audio through another track before the master but effectrix will work as if it is on the master.

Above will help with setting the clips up. However I myself am a big fan of the video below, Tom Cosm is someone I always keep a close eye on and was a pro member on his site last year. I decided not to continue my membership as I have little funds and he is often touring and doing workshops, where as I would benefit more if he had constant updated tutorials, the guy is awesome, just not for me right now! 🙂

Hope this helps, if not I will try and have a look myself into how this works, but I am seemingly a little thin on the music production side of things lately, seem to gripped by a few games and with Twisted Metal on the horizon I will be delving deeper into that, Skyrim and hopefully Platinum’ing on WWE 12 before march.




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