Allsorts of Stuff

Continuing my story . . . (rap/rant)

Ok so I’ll continue my story

And before you start yawning

I’m sorry if I bore you

But this is my story and I’ll carry on reporting


Words, I think I’m good with, sometimes feels like my mind is a seiv

Only letting words through to the real world

No bad boy image or macho spunk!


I don’t put up my dukes, I just stand and deliver

The lines keep on coming, you have no time to recover

Give me one good reason why I should stop this battle of words

Your mum said ……. no that’s not it

Your not capable or equal . . . nope, not that either

Ah, because it hurst, yes that’s it

Cos words stick, like toffee to an apple

Not like bruises and cuts that heal

The tongue lashing you get from me festers in an angry puss filled boil

With eyes like steel

Cos words are REAL!




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