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WWE 12 – Allies and Rivals the future?

Right noticed allies and rivals is being searched a lot and thought I could do a bit on how I want allies and rivals to work in future WWE games and use WWE 12 as a base reference to good and bad points.

WWE 12 has got one thing right, interference was included in the game. This allowed you to find allies and rivals of the wrestlers involved and run down to help or hinder them, the good thing was you didn’t have to run down as an ally or rival and could use this to make new allies or rivals. I myself had my WWE Universe split Bret and Owen Hart up so when I got the chance to have Owen help Bret win a match I did it and then they became allies again. However the interference module needs some work, we need more control over this, here is what I would suggest :

  • First of all have a button say the TRIANGLE button, as is but also available during a com vs com match for instance you might want to play the show but not simulate the match, instead interfere, bring up the menu while the action continues.
  • Then I would say have a few different cut scenes for interference, coming from the crowd, instead of a clothesline to knock the ref out maybe a squash in the corner?
  • Lastly I think the time limit is pointless, you should control the time you have, maybe you wake the referee or sometimes you come down in a ref shirt yourself and count the fall? Or call another referee down
So with that said, it brings me nicely on to allies, I have many times helped a friend or someone I want to become friends in WWE 12 and had promising results, the alliance has formed, however this often gets ruined within one match because the WWE Universe decides they should now feud. Hence the Owen and Bret alliance I formed lasted a week. The game seems to recognise tag teams but adds the wins onto both singles and tag team rankings. While this can happen in the POWER 25 ranking system, as that system denotes their performance on a whole, not their quest for championship gold. WWE Games need to address this. I have Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, I made them a team, tried to get them to be the new tag champs. However Billy Gunn and Road Dogg just catapulted themselves to the top of the singles rankings, meaning my top 5 consisted of the following:
  1. Shawn Michaels (Champ)
  2. Road Dogg
  3. Chris Jericho
  4. Billy Gunn
  5. Triple H
So as you can see the whole of DX was up there and Jericho, bit annoying. As it happens I had only got The New Age Outlaws and The Kliq active, HBK, Triple H, Nash and Razor were The Kliq. So that said can we have a more controllable universe, where it flows better as far as the rankings go. In a similar way a one on three brawl backstage, won by the singles competitor would often result in him becoming the no1 contender for the WWE/World Title. Sometimes this is nice, but other times it is not. Also I would like to be able to put a new superstar low on rankings, in a brawl of such kind against the three top contenders for the IC/US Title and win to put him as the no1 contender. I seem to struggle getting anyone to go for the IC/US Titles that are custom superstars.
So back to rivals, the rivals seem to be lacking in much depth. you get the odd attack, some return from injury to attack, but I think this is often coincidence. I would like feuds to actually build into the game more. I want to see a feud ending match at PPV’s. For instance if Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase are feuding but neither hold a title, I want to have them in a match say, Last Man Standing or Cage match for the feud to end, then they get removed from each others rivals slot’s and then its maybe random with a small chance of them becoming allies, because sometimes people settle things and then become friends right?
So in short I want more control, I want freedom and feuds that work in the universe and end!
Thanks for reading,


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