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Women – My thoughts as of late

I am not ashamed to admit, I am no expert on women, I am terrible at reading them and some of my friends would say I am a little more of a woman myself at times, but I wanted to share a few thoughts from recent days about my recent experiences, or just share a few ideas/opinions.

My first thought, is about mind games. I am very familiar with the concept mind games, particularly from watching WWE wrestling. However women seem to have this unnerving knack for mind games. Sometimes it seems like a double bluff. I am not sure on this, but I have a friend, she is a very private lady, I am very fond of her but I can’t say I fit in with her private nature as well as she might like. This lady seems to constantly give me mixed signals, she always seems very fond of me, calls me quite often and will equally discuss both our problems, I could talk to her for hours. However she has enough on her plate and so in my opinion stops any hints at advances I might make by cutting me off, or as sometimes I feel “mind games” would be appropriate. I don’t know how to approach this anymore but I would just ask one thing of women out there, don’t play games with every guy you like, you might let the wrong one slip through your fingers never to be seen again.

Another thought on women, is jealous ex’s or vengeful ex’s. I am not long out of a seriously mentally challenging relationship. I was no saint in this relationship, I did things I shouldn’t have but I will not take any more than 50% of the blame for the hurt and pain caused by this relationship. After the relationship ended I was harassed by my ex for lets say 6 months. I for the first few months only responded to the odd text, but more recently in fact this year on the 1st january I cut my responses to this girls texts. I had been advised for months by two very good friends and probably more too to do this earlier but I figured the girl might get the hint if I kept saying “stop texting me”. She did not, why do Ex’s, either guys or girls hang on so long, or chase that final say. I myself did hang on to this girl longer than I should have, but I don’t know why she then proceeded to harass me after I had decided to let go. She says she needed closure, what closure could I offer, she wanted answers to why I was apparently such a “bastard” to her. I wasn’t a “Bastard” I did nothing particularly unlike other guys, I wasn’t a saint but I sure wasn’t a terrible boyfriend. My thought is that she feels that it hasn’t hurt me that she left me and went out with a much older guy, someone who to my knowledge probably hasn’t had a decent girlfriend in at least five years and is probably begging for a chance to do her every wish. Well let me tell you, it did hurt, not a lot because I realise my freedom is a lot more inviting than entrapment with a girl I struggled to love towards the end. The point I’m making is why do Ex’s get jealous or want the other person to suffer more, I know it hurt, but I’d rather she just was happy with her new “Fiancee” and just enjoy her life away from me not constantly try and get me to rise to the jeering pathetic texts I sometimes receive. I write this without names and just to get things off my chest. I droned on at friends for months, they deserve a break.

Lastly I recently watched Reginald D Hunter’s Live Stand Up, I watched it a lot, the guy is awesome, he talks about women in particular a fair bit, how his mother says to be careful cos women lie, or do things differently. He goes on about how black women in particular have this hard as nails attitude and they need to drop it cos they all can’t be Mary J Blige(sp). He also made a point of him always having to ask a woman out, maybe he isn’t worth asking if he always has to do the asking, it made me think, maybe I should try that, I surely deserve to be asked, so I’m still pondering and while I’m doing so if I get asked, then bonus, but maybe someday I’ll see someone I can’t forget to ask, or someone will inspire me to ask them. Who knows?

Thanks for reading,



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