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Soundcloud – New Tune

Hey guys,

I posted a new tune on soundcloud here

Just wanted to add some detail about the way the music world seems to be working for me especially on sites like soundcloud. First of all I get feedback from the odd randomer who just loves music, often they only comment on my tune to say “its good” then ask if I would return the favour, I appreciate these comments more for the sharing of their own music than the limited response to my own. I love new music, I appreciate people spreading the word too. I had a comment on my blog from someone saying they spread the word about my blog, if they did thanks, I really appreciate the word being spread. However I look at some people’s tunes, see the sea of comments and wonder if they actually appreciate them? I like to respond to all my comments in some way, if you ask me to return the favour, I often will. If I don’t feel the response was as in depth, then I might feel disappointed but I’ll still comment on yours if I really like it, or if I don’t I’ll let you know. Just a heads up to budding producers, music makers and dj’s, people don’t seem to give their valuable opinions for free, the people that do are amazing, they are special and should be kept close by, people who will tell you how it is, a few people have ripped my music and my blog to shreds, good for them. I’m going to keep on writing, keep on composing and then one day they will find something they really like, probably saying – “I really like this, you’ve come a long way” not a direct quote btw. Either way I will be happy doing what I do and keeping a small appreciated group of people, rocking to my sounds, or feeling my rants. Music is the key for me to anything and everything.

If you have an opinion, on my music or my blog, share it by all means!

Thanks for reading,



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