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Modern Warfare 3 Elite – PS3 – bum deal?

Hey readers, I wanted to just do a little post on the MW3 Elite situation on PS3. Partly to warn others about what it means and to show support for some disgruntled fans on the forums I have read about because I cannot seem to post.

So yeah I saw a guy posting that MW3 and Infinity Ward sucked in a nutshell and it was very constructive, an open letter to voice opinion very well done and credit to the guy for doing so. He got a few haters, which unfortunately I could tell wound him up and I sympathise with the guy. Here are my thoughts on the MW3 game, the Elite Premium ideal and other tidbits, from my perspective on what I know so far.

I played MW3 back last year when it came out on the Xbox 360, my friend brought it around and my initial thoughts were not good. Really difficult online to establish myself, I am a little of a noob online, partly down to my dyspraxia and partly down to my style of play. The only thing I loved about was the Survival Mode. I have been a big fan of the bots in Black Ops, i don’t like Zombies, and Survival is similar but better in my opinion. I wish for a bots practice mode in Modern Warfare games as this would be much better for a beginner such as myself. Don’t get me wrong I’m not new to COD games. I remember the first two from when I was down at the internet cafe’s getting owned by everyone, being proud when I got above last place, something I am often still proud of today.

So I had a slight problem though in October I was eagerly awaiting the new Twisted Metal game, I’m in the UK for those that don’t know, so still waiting. I decided PS3 exclusive, damn I need me a PS3, so I bought one. Only to still be waiting as you know until 16th March I believe for Twisted Metal to finally arrive, a lot of people would be as hyped into the sheepish consumerism I get for Twisted Metal by their need for a COD fix am sure. So I got my PS3 and realised online gaming was free with PS3, might be a little poor in comparison to Xbox Live, but it was free. I decided that in time I would sell my Xbox360 and fully move over to PS3. I rate both consoles but PS3 had Twisted Metal. This brings me on to my big issue with COD games, I’m not 100% sure but it seems COD games and their developers have a favourable leaning towards the Xbox gamer, meaning that if I pay to go premium it will not benefit me when I am on PS3. This I find consolist or an uncalled for favouritism. I don’t see how it is fair that someone should be penalised for wanting to play it on PS3 rather Xbox360, I bought your elite premium by getting the Hardened edition online for a reasonable price while some of my mates will now be expected to pay extortionate prices to have the same access as me. While I appreciate that the maps do take a lot of time and effort to get right, you can probably admit they don’t get fully tested and they often have silly little glitches or mistakes in them.

I feel the maps in MW3 are a little better at first they look pretty cool, my only downside is that after playing it seems the flow as you move around  the map seems to be a little awkward, maybe I have played too many shooters for your liking but it would be nice if I could have more freedom to get through windows and climb over objects, I remember a lot of awesome opportunities to do this in Terminal on MW2, some of the maps in that game I would love to see ported to MW3 as a free download content, especially Terminal, Scrapyard and Highrise. Anyone else like that idea, spread the word best you can!

So bringing me on to Elite and the “so called” easier for the beginners attitude and change in MW3. It is no different for me as a slightly challenged player. I still get owned, admittedly the points system for killstreaks in the support option is appealing. I still do not understand why you have not implemented a skilled matched up system where players accuracy and kill to death ratio pits them against similar skill level opponents. This is a BIG thing for me, I think halo did something like this, maybe you could talk to them about how they did it? I do appreciate that a large number of people are not really bothered about how good the game is as they have already formed the opinion that you could push out any steaming pile of dog turd of a game and they would still beg you to release it and then buy it. I didn’t really buy this game because I think it is worth the money, I bought it because I can play with a fair few of my friends and they had it already, so I thought if I get it thats one more game we can enjoy together. Survival Mode is THE saving grace for MW3, I only just tried Spec Ops missions and I found it quite fun but games seem to constantly be getting harder and harder for me, yes I might suck but that should not mean I don’t get to play to the end should it now??

In summary MW3 is a bit shit, it obviously has its appeal and will make a lot of money but the developers and whoever decides what they do each year probably worked out that everyone would make like sheep and buy the game anyway so why waste the time and effort making it truly awesome. The campaign is not something I buy these sorts of games for so don’t judge me for not making much argument for that. I honestly think they don’t care about the fans any more. I recently had good communication from David Scott Jaffe where he said he’d check out something for me, he was trying at least. Then when I asked the Borderlands 2 team about Premium Borderlands 2 content they replied with what I thought was a rather decent reply, these two care, why do Infinity Ward / Activision not care? Well Activision are just like EA, they make money, not games, look at Activision’s long Activision, Project Gotham was one, Blur was another, I do believe True Crime was another, seriously, I urge the fans of gaming COD or no COD wake up and support the games developers that care more, not saying don’t buy COD but beware use your brain and think if you really want to be a part of this without letting them know how you feel!

Thanks, PS : looking for some beginner players for domination, defender and possibly other game modes, just because I’m sick of the clear divide between anally retentive players of high skill and the small number of noobs that I probably would have a half decent chance of winning against :p PSN ID : djpixc



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