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Music – without it, I would be so different

I just wanted to make a point about music, it is an amazing gift given to us by people who are talented enough to create it, I have been lucky enough to experience a lot of different music from around the world, some I went looking for myself and some I was introduced to by others. Music is a key part in my life, I listen to it in some form probably every day, I don’t think I could live without it.

I use it to help me relax, I use it to do various tasks and I sometimes have it on to keep me focused on doing whatever it happens to be that I am doing. Since 2007 I have been making my own music. I have in the past tried to learn to play an instrument, but to no avail. I tried keyboard with my nanna, when I was younger but didn’t have the patience or enthusiasm for it. I was bought a guitar for my birthday and rarely even played it before selling it, but now I have found constant enthusiasm and appreciation for making my own electronic music. I use Ableton Live. I bought the software after testing it since 2007 through college and then at home. I couldn’t imagine using any other software to make music. I have tried Fruity Loops, Cubase and Reason but they do not offer the flexible workspace and everything at your fingertips like Ableton does. I would probably love to integrate it with Reason, however as I did start with Reason and thoroughly enjoyed using the synthesizers in the software. Subtractor, Malstrom and Thor were all really easy to use and I still love to sample from them in ableton now and again.

Music can bring out our emotions, it can attach itself to our experiences and tell stories. I listen to certain tracks when I feel certain moods sometimes, I even can think of certain people because of the music I listen to. I love to share music with people, listen to what people make and recommend, but I always have my own tastes in music. some of it comes from my dad, who was heavily into Motown, UB40, Erasure and much more. I grew up listening to UB40 and so they are a big favourite of mine. I do like the odd bit of pop/commercial music but am not overly keen on it anymore and have delved deep underground to get some really interesting music. I like strange singing voices, the best example I can give is Fever Ray and The Knife – same singer I believe, a swedish artist.

I am fond of all sorts of music, I did think that I wasn’t so keen on Drum and Bass but recently went to a night in Aberdeen where the vibe was top and I just felt like I was having a good night. I do like the occasional track, London Elektricity – All Hell is Breaking Loose was the first DnB track I can honestly say I enjoyed and liked that wasn’t Pendulum which I see as more commercial and popular drum and bass music. I also was never a big fan of rap music, liking the occasional track, then I found the sort of chap hop, gentleman rhyming styles of Professor Elemental and Mister B, these two were original and always fun to listen to.

Basically I have found interesting music in all sorts of genres, I love sharing it so if you got anything to share feel free to drop me a comment and link me or just tell me what you think of music and your own music tastes. Maybe I’ll share some more of this over the next few months who knows, but thanks for reading.



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