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Now I saw a few new followers join us, after my last music post, so I thought I’d dive in and get some more reading out there for em, welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy the read. I want to put something down about relaxing to music, I did a course on sleep well the first half of it last month and found out a lot of people can’t actually relax, so here is one way I do it, usually to help me sleep.

I get some music, usually its something ambient, no words generally. I get my little CD player or maybe just use my headphones and my phone. Lay back on the bed and do some steady breathing, just concentrate on the music and my breathing. I find after a short while, I feel more relaxed and sleepy and can either just drift off or turn the sound off and then go sleep with ease. I also usually stick music on to relax to when I’m in the bath, bathtime is a real relaxer for me. I often wondered about water and me, I hate it going in my eyes but love being in the bath and if I was loaded I’d almost definitely have a heated pool or a villa in a hot country with a pool huh?

So yeah anyone stuck at night, tossing and turning, that would be my advice to you, stick some ambient music on, or soft beats of some kind and breathe! Alternatively get in a bath and do the same but be warned don’t stay too long don’t want to drown. On that note I’m going to leave ya to ponder as I’m straying close to another subject related to baths that I don’t want to mix in this post.

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